Friday, July 28, 2006

Summer 6

I haven't been as passionate about going to the movies this summer as in years past. The films released in June didn't inspire much confidence. In May, I went to "X3" which I found to be quite good, "Over the Hedge" which I felt was better than average, and da "Da Vinci Code" which just barely held my interest throughout its extended running time.

The last really fantastic summer I can remember for good movies was 2002 with "Spider Man", "Star Wars Episode II", "Minority Report" (my favorite movie that year), "The Bourne Identity", "Austin 3", "Unfaithful", "Road to Perdition", "Undercover Brother", "Signs", and "XXX". Just kidding about that last one, but it's no coincidence that was a record breaking summer.

There is still hope for this summer, however, mostly in the form of "Sups Return" and Johnny Depp's Keith Richards Movie Part II. We will see.

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