Thursday, September 28, 2006


By the early summer of 1985, living with my father and siblings had begun to take its toll. I'm a fairly quiet, laid back person and preferred a more peaceful environment in which to spend my time. Now, my brothers couldn't help it that they were loud and liked to wrastle. I just needed some space for myself. Fact is, I wasn't enjoying my time at junior high, either, so I was quite happy when my dad and mom decided that I should move in with my mom. This was in early July '85. I would now have the peace and time for reflection that I was seeking.

Just as I was moving in, there was a movie coming out that I was looking forward to seeing. It had 3 major things going for it: Steven Spielberg had a hand in making it, it had some sci-fi elements, and it starred one of my favorite TV actors. The movie was scheduled to open on July 3rd. I asked my mom on July 2nd if I could go see the movie, "D.A.R.Y.L." (The theatre was only 6 blocks away) that evening and then the Spielberg movie the next day. She said, "No" :P and to this day, I've never seen "D.A.R.Y.L." (I think it's about this kid who's a robot).

July 3rd came and I was pumped. I walked to the movie theatre and saw this poster displayed:

Both my mom and I went to the first showing that evening. I told my mom that I would prefer to sit on my own (Her twin girls requested the same of her when they were my age). I had a favorite seat now in which I liked to watch movies. It was located way in the back. There were two seats and a space where someone in a wheelchair could sit. The row had an incline so that I could see over anybody (Remember this was long before stadium seating). There were quite a few people at the movie that night. And I enjoyed every minute. I was a big fan of Huey Lewis at the time, so it was good to hear their music in it (Huey Lewis also had a cameo in the movie).

I went to the movie at least 6 or 7 times over the summer and it was interesting because on many occasions, I would see people that I knew at the show (friends of my parents and their kids, in particular) and they always spotted me because I was sitting in such a conspicuous place.

"Back to the Future" wound up being the top grossing movie of 1985.

I was a movie-going freak that summer not only going to "BTTF" numerous times, but also seeing "Fletch" at least twice, "European Vacation" at least twice, "A View to a Kill", "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure", "Teen Wolf" (also with Michael J. Fox), John Candy in "Summer Rental", Disney's "Black Cauldron", "Weird Science", "Silverado", and Tom Hanks in "The Man With One Red Shoe" at least three times (Don't ask).

And I would be remiss if I didn't tell you my 2nd favorite movie of 1985, "The Goonies". It came out just a few weeks before "Back to the Future".

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