Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Night on the Town

Last night, the Mrs. and I went to Friday's for dinner. It was strange being there at 5:30pm and seeing it dark outside. There were a number of people at the bar, but not too many in the restaurant proper. We had a coupon for a free appetizer which my wife used to order potato skins. However, she asked that they come without sour cream or bacon. When they were brought out 20 minutes later, it was just potato skins with some cheese on top. Not very appealing to me, but she had quite a few. The waitress asked how many trick-or-treaters we had; I said a couple dozen. She said she and her kids dressed up, but not a soul rang on her doorbell. Poor girl, all that leftover candy.

Next it was on to ShopKo to buy a few necessities. In the beauty section, I looked for my trusty Carmex. There was a supervisor wearing a Brad Johnson jersey who was overseeing the work of a couple new recruits.

Not able to find my precious white jar of lip balm, I took a half-spent jar of it out of my pocket, went up to the super, and said, "Hey, BJ. Where do I find this?" One of his subordinates showed me. As I walked away, I heard him ask, "Why did he call me BJ?"

Next, I went to the DVD section where there was a young guy with long black hair doing some stocking. Journey's 80's classic "Don't Stop Believin" was playing. I was quite surprised to hear him say that he loved the song (he hadn't even been born when the song originally came out). I made a comment to my wife about a movie I wanted to Netflix called "Whatever Works". He overheard and said he'd never heard of it. His intrusion into our conversation made him seem like a video store clerk-wannabe. Sometimes I miss those days myself.

After checking out, we headed to the movie theatre to see "The Invention of Lying" (I had seen it a month before, but was eager to go again). We walked into the lobby and didn't see anyone who we could purchase a ticket from. A moment later, I noticed an employee talking to another employee. After a few seconds, I said "Ding" relatively loudly (I did this a couple weeks ago at a bank when a teller didn't notice me at the counter). It's obviously meant to simulate ringing a bell for service.

After doing this last night, the ticket lady kept talking to her coworker. So a few seconds later, I did the "ding" again. The lady then came up to us. My wife asked why I did this. The lady overheard me say, "Well, when I worked at the video store, the customer always came first, so you wouldn't talk to another employee if there was a customer waiting". The theatre is called Chateau, but it is experiences like this that impel me to call it Shiteau.


Rocketstar said...

You are too funny, nice.

Narkissos said...

aww....what happened to my "beloved"?
why change it thomsy? that was so fucking cue eh.......:)
bj is fun fun fun, i mean funny........:)
and the strategy to teach the ticket clerk a lesson was simply awesome........:)
luv ya buddy

Mags said...

Ha ha ha-that's hysterical.

Dave said...

There is no excuse for rudeness which was how your were treated by the ticket seller. However, it reminds me of a funny story told to me by a friend who works for Ryanair, a low cost airline who fly out of Manchester airport. One of their customers who flew with them on a regular basis constantly wrote in and complained about the service she received.

She didn't like that she could not be allocated a seat in advance, she didn't like them not having a first-class section, she didn't like the fact they were not given meals during the flight, she didn't like the casual attitude of the flight attendants, she didn't like the boarding procedure, etc, etc, etc.

Her very last letter to them, listing a whole catalogue of complaints, had them stumped for a reply that they hadn't already tried previously. So in an attempt to appease the lady they passed the letter on to the Chief Operating Officer to see if he could come up with a way of pleasing the woman. After hearing of all the previous complaints she had registered he replied...

Dear Mrs Jones

We will miss you.

Love, Mike xx

Phil said...

Wow, those theater workers were rude! I'm sure one of them was probably the manager as well. It's no wonder the lobby was empty.

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