Friday, May 21, 2010

Time Well Spent

There are those who say that life would be better if we didn't have to sleep, that those extra eight hours could be spent in much more fulfilling ways. I am not one of those people. The dreams I had last night should shed plenty of light on why this is the case.

In the first sequence, I was walking on some steps in the early evening and started talking to a lady whom I worked with about ten years ago. She began talking to a woman who I recognized from junior high and it was just then that I noticed a lady who I'd had a crush on as a 12-year old (She was now a late 30's adult). She was making her rounds for the night which consisted of skiiing over various hills to get to her work location.

Imagine my joy when she asked me to accompany her. The two of us talked as we headed to her work site. Once there, she showed me the task she'd been assigned. It involved melting ice blocks with some type of torch. She asked if I was interested in a similar vocation. I declined, but mentioned how much fun it had been to spend time together. Waking up, it really felt like we had chatted each other up and made a connection, something that's not very plausible in the real world.

On my next sojourn, I was outside the house of worship that I went to as a child. Someone asked me to come in, but I was a bit nervous. I somehow knew that it was 1986 and by that time, I was no longer involved in the organization. Just then, I said to myself, "It's not 1986, it's 1984!"

(Yes, that is Steve Jobs pictured above)

With my conscience soothed, I entered the building and talked with a number of people I hadn't seen in quite some time.

The last stop was a house in which I was able to spend some time with my Saint Bernard, Brandy, the one who passed five years ago this summer. I got to hold her, squeeze her, whisper in her ears. It was all very real to me and, therefore, easy to understand why I woke up in such a good mood.

If I was given an extra eight hours to spend each day, it would most likely be spent in front of various rectangular devices (the TV, the internet, cell phone). Those kinds of things are a poor substitute, in my mind (pun intended), to experiencing lifelong dreams come true in my dreams.


Rocketstar said...

i tired once to learn how to lucid dream, now that is the key.

Skittles said...

I'm usually pretty good at interpreting dreams for people so from a quick glance at yours I would say you are in a happy place in your life right now.

Thanks for dropping by. =)

Extra Ordinary Me said...

Yes! Excellent point. Dreams are good. :-)

Timothy Smith said...

I have the same dreams with my dogs Tom.

I am getting another puppy soon. It seems to be the only thing that helps with the loss.

I guess if you are a dog person you need a dog.

Thomas said...

Rocket, having that skill would pay off in countless ways.

Thanks for the analysis, Skittles!

Extra, :)

Tim, good for you. Once we welcome a pet to the family, it's hard to imagine that we got by without them. Their value is incalcuble.

Dave said...

Good call, losing sleeping time and gaining extra waking time would just see that time wasted I fear.

Personally, I have not had a dream in years, or at least not one that I can remember. I miss them, lucid or otherwise :(

Narkissos said...

sweet dream tom......:)