Wednesday, June 02, 2010

How I Spend My Days

The day before yesterday, I was walking around the lake with a couple friends and noticed a gal and two guys coming our way; the boys were carrying fishing poles. I thought of a good line and as they passed, said, "You guys got big poles". One laughed, the other said, "Thanks" and the woman said, "I think they're compensating for something".

Yesterday, I went to Great Clips for a haircut. As I waited for one of the "stylists" to come up to the front to take my name, I noticed a small whiteboard and marker next to the cash register. While the other girls were busy giving haircuts (one said someone would be with me in a moment), I wrote "All Haircuts $7.99" (their regular price is $13.00). The lady who came up a minute later told me it'd be about a 20 minute wait. She didn't notice the whiteboard. Ten minutes later, another woman was checking a guy out and saw what I'd done. She laughed and said, "Yeah, right" as she scribbled it out.

Today, I purchased gas from the local convenience store. The bloke who checked me out was very distinguished-looking and appeared to be in his 60's. He was also really polite, the kind who would go above and beyond for his customer. As he took my check, I asked, "Are you the CEO?" He said, "No" and I replied, "Oh, I thought this might be one of those undercover things".


Mags said...

You delight me.

Dave said...

I love shopping with a friend of mine. As we approach the checkout we split up, she goes through first and tells the cashier that she is sure I am the mystery shopper... now that's what you call service with a smile :)

Narkissos said...

naughty but cute....yep that's you mister...:)

Rocketstar said...

You are such a trouble maker. I love it.

Extra Ordinary Me said...

haha... you are quite a character.

Dämmerung Anblick said...

you crack me up!

reminds me of when i was younger, i'd order a sundae from mickey d's with my buddies and the girl would ask me if i wanted nuts. i'd say "thanks, but i already have some"

the girl turned red every time.