Friday, July 23, 2010

In Minnesota Meanderings, Thomas Dixon discusses the most formative experiences of his life. Spanning nearly 40 years, his unique insights will change the way you look at the world.

Click here and then go to "Preview" to view the first 10 pages.


Rocketstar said...

Wow, congrats Thomas! Brian in mpls also has published his writings, how much did this cost you? I've thought often about doing this same thing by putting together many of my posts.

Thomas said...

Thanks, Rocket! I also recall Brian mentioning that he was compiling his stuff.

I got the idea from a book I recently read called The Happiness Project. In it, the author stated how fulfilling it had been to have her blog postings made into a book by a site called I happened to be on the toilet while I read this and my wheels started spinning instantly.

The first challenge was to sort out what was worthy of putting into a book and what wasn't. Next, I took the things that I felt were good and put them into a Word document. I didn't put them in willy-nilly, however. I assigned each piece of writing a specific year and gradually a relatively smooth narrative started appearing.

Most difficult was trying to proofread all I'd written. I was surprised when the total tally wound up being 212 pages. The final step was putting a cover together. There's a pic of me on the back inside cover as well as one of me and Dori on the back itself.

The book is now available on the website. I bought a half dozen copies; since I'm the author, I was able to get it for a cheaper price (there was no cost to put it on the site).

I confess to a number of days when getting this done was the only thing on my mind. Very rewarding, but I'm so glad it's finished.

I recommend you do the same or at least get started by doing some sifting. It would be a great thing to give friends or families who don't know that you blog or who don't visit your site often.

SilverNeurotic said...

That's really awesome!

Extra Ordinary Me said...

Oh how cool!!!! I love how you wrote "I've been left-handed for as long as I can remember."
Good for you!
I am reading The Happiness Project right now, by the way.

Dave said...

Wow, I am impressed :)