Friday, August 13, 2010

Waiting For Godot

At this moment, I'm on top of the world and I don't mean that euphemistically (though I am happy to have today off). I am on the 18th floor of the Mayo Clinic; my love has a number of appointments here this afternoon. One side of this floor looks circa 1960's with old-fashioned chairs and only magazines to pass the time. There are a couple of Amish folks waiting to be seen. I did just observe something new, however. Instead of the nurse coming out and saying the patient's name when the time has come for their appointment, the patient is given a pager when she first checks in and it is then buzzed when magic time arrives.

The other side of the floor was built in the early '00's, so has lots of comfortable chairs, a number of widescreen TV's, and internet access. Despite this, everyone I'm looking at has their face stuck into a printed rag. From time to time, someone will gaze out the window at downtown Rochester. By rights, they should have exercise equipment here for people to utilize while waiting, but I suppose it's a liability issue. Sitting is not a very healthful thing to encourage, though. If people spent all their time in a chair reading, health would surely decline and that's not even including the lethargy that occurs.

An announcement was just made on the overhead speakers that a thunderstorm watch has been declared. I recognize the woman on the intercom; she's a friend on Facebook who I worked with from 2000-2004. I spent the first half hour of my time downtown walking to a number of places. I stopped by the library for a time, then strolled through the Civic Center where the Jehovah's Witnesses will be meeting this weekend. Next, I took a brief respite at Barnes & Noble where they have employees camped out at the entrance, eager to talk patrons into purchasing the Nook (an e-reader).


ExtraO said...

Ooh... good idea! They should put exercise equipment in waiting rooms.

Rocketstar said...

Hope all goes well with the misses

Thomas said...

Thanks, Rocket. If all goes according to plan, she'll be eating baby food 10 days from now.

Timothy Smith said...

For the first time in a very long time I hit B&N. I like the cheapo history coffee table books. I also was hit with a sales pitch for a e-nook. I explained I had the Kindle and she went on and on how the nook was better. I kept saying "I am sure it is but I'm cheap and already have a Kindle" She went on with "But this is better, don't you want the best reader?" So I went on a tangent about materialism and how fake our society is, that did the trick.

Thomas said...

Damn, those salespeople gotta learn to not be so brazen about how badly they want to make sales. They should always have the customer's best interests in mind.

That's what I did when working for Charter. If someone said they didn't watch TV much as it is, I wasn't going to ask them if they'd like to add more channels.