Saturday, October 09, 2010

Rochester Post-Bulletin

Referencing Barb Kasel's letter to the editor from Oct. 5, it's well-known that Christ makes no explicit judgment on homosexuality in the Bible; those who like to push an anti-gay agenda invariably turn to Deuteronomy to back them up.

If being gay is as much an outrage as some seem to think it is, it befuddles me why Jesus made no mention of it. Ultimately, Jesus' message was one of unconditional love.

Efforts to deny homosexuals the right to marry has led to situations where one party is not allowed to visit the hospital room of their partner, even when they are on their death bed, because they are not related. It's obvious in such cases what the most loving thing to do is. Similarly, some of the issues that the Catholic Church now faces could be alleviated, at least somewhat, by giving priests the right to marry.

To those who would say that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, I say that those of a different sexual orientation are no less committed to love and happiness than the rest of us. To put restrictions on who we may share our love with is antithetical to the kind of love that is attributed to Christ in the New Testament.

Thomas Dixon

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Rocketstar said...

Good for you Thomas, nice job.

SilverNeurotic said...

Nice. I'm interested to see the responses.

Narkissos said...

not a big gay fan...don't have anything against them either...
however, love and passion for opposite sex is heavenly...well me thinks....:)

Narkissos said...

btw pretty boy
2 logs, 2 flat surfaces or 2 holes don't fit at need to frequent the stag shop for improvisation or make it work eh....the all time favourite t & g is just IMPOSSIBLE...whereas a log fitting perfectly in the groove is awesome...let alone the reproduction stuff....:)
am I being too open? well we are all adults here...innt?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... yep love the post. I am hetro & that is MY choice. Just as Gays have a right to their choice. It's always a bit queer to me how those who scream the loudest about their opposition are also displaying hypocricy about the rights of those who differ from them.

Love is love. Marriage a pact made between two people. I don't care what sex one is or how one chooses to love the other. Just do it kindly, respectfully & whole just as any other married couple should.

Those who scream in opposition what one of the first things God told us we should do. Love all mankind. Not just the ones you agree with. I happen to think it's a HUGE test of who we are as people. I am a christian, a catholic & still open minded after all these years. I pray that will behoove me in the end.

Great post.

Stephen said...

I believe that it's your choice not mine or anyone else's. You should have the right to add whomever you claim as your spouse on your will, insurance and any benefits that you as a citizen have rights to. In the scheme of things, what makes the person happy and whole is all that matters. Next of kin laws and all that horsecrap must be changed. I could not enforce a situation that would deny a person's significant from seeing their partner on their deathbed. Get me on that subject anger ensues. almost as bad as the right wing crap going on right now... ewe boy. Must respect your way, my friend.

Timothy Smith said...

To deny others a right you yourself would want protected makes you a bad person, period. There is no passing go and you do not get to collect $200. You can not say you are a decent person and blame an imaginary friend in the sky for your hate.

Thats what I hate about all religion. If we had no religion people would have to take responsibility for their own hate thus we would have a lot less of it.

If you don't have the guts to take responsibility for your own bigotry then its time to drop it.

Thats my .02 anyway.

Rocketstar said...

Timothy, I love your comment, so true.

ExtraO said...

I like Timothy's comment too.

And I like your letter, Thomas.

I don't understand people who are against gay marriage... or gay people...

An old neighbor of mine was/is against gay marriage mainly because it goes against his religious beliefs. We pointed out to him that you can't make laws in this country based on religious beliefs so he would often try to come up with good non-religious reasons. He struggled with that.

Randy said...

I haven't read your blog in a while, finally getting back to it.

I have a couple of points to make about your comments. While Jesus didn't say anything about homosexuality, he did have some things to say about marriage and they all dealt with men & women (not men & men or women & women). And Paul wrote about homosexuality and called it sin.

Jesus did teach unconditional love, but also taught repentance. When he spoke to the woman caught in adultery, he expressed love and told her to correct her sinful ways.

As for hospital visitation, you can choose anyone to be by your bedside through a number of means. Oddly enough, I can't even find out details about my wife's medical condition unless she has authorized me ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

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