Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last-Minute Christmas Thoughts

With Christmas less than a week away, it went through my mind last night that not only is telling kids that Santa Claus exists an affront to a parent's duty to be truthful to their children, so too, is the Nativity story most likely a fiction.

Of course, I believe that peace and good will to men is an excellent precept year-round, but there have been too many instances where the founder of a religion is given a birth story that defies logic. Jesus is no less a good man by not having been born to a virgin or under a bright star.

Though they lean too much on the Christmas story, I do enjoy listening to Xmas music this time of year. I have more than four dozen Christmas CD's and it's quite an effort to get through most of them in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I usually listen to one in the morning while showering and shaving, another in the car while going to work and doing other errands, and, of course, while wrapping Christmas presents.

I was able to add two more to my collection this year for a minimal price; I went to a pawn shop a few months ago and got Elvis and Josh Groban's collections for a dollar apiece. One of my favorite discs is Tori Amos's from last year. It has a number of songs that reference the winter solstice, something that preceded the Jesus story. Here's a link to one of my favorites.

Lastly, I was at Kmart last week and noticed a woman dressed all in black in one of those burqa-thingies. A number of years ago, I walked around our town's lake and when I encountered one of them, typically walking behind their husband, I would lift my eyebrows as if to say, "Damn, girl, you're HOT!!"

At the store last week, I didn't see her with anyone. Perhaps she was doing some Christmas shopping or whatever holiday it is that they celebrate. What caught my eye, though, was what she had in her hand and wound up checking out with: some kind of perfume or body spray called Sexual Fantasies. I was taken for a loop and thought, "Repressed MUCH?"


Chris Ledgerwood said...

My oldest son actually told his classmates (When he was in grade school. He's twenty-one now!) there was no such thing as Santa. Well, you could imagine how angry some of the parents were with us for teaching our kids the truth, and allowing our kid to do the same to theirs!

Narkissos said...

"born to a virgin or under a bright star"....kinda gives it an oomph you know, a nice touch to the drama.....:)
didn't know heejab is also called burka...“one of them, typically walking behind their husband”?!?....that’s called over generalization tom...and believe it or not...."one of them" might be a very sexy one....may have a perfectly normal luvin' and sex life.....:)

ExtraO said...

haha! I've been around quite a few covered women in my time and it's funny the way they make up for their modest clothing in other ways...