Sunday, March 06, 2011

Two Weeks of (Mostly) Bliss

Twelve days ago, my SexyGirl took a plane to sunny Las Vegas to spend some time with her parents. Here is what she looks like six months after bariatric surgery:

I knew I was going to miss her, but looked forward to having some "T" time. The first morning I woke up without her by my side, I was startled and soothed by the silence. I've spent the mornings sleeping in, going on the computer for a time, and enjoying the TV not being on during the day.

Before she left, she asked me to be sure that the house didn't get too dirty. Her comment convinced me that she'd come home to a great surprise. Each day last week, I spent an hour or two doing some de-cluttering. Her closet floor had a bunch of clothes and crap all over it, so it was greatly rewarding to remove it as I listened to some of my favorite music. Clothes that were too big for her, I put into storage in the basement. Downstairs, there were boxes scattered everywhere. As I listened to the cassette of Midnight Star's "Planetary Invasion", I put as many boxes as I could underneath the stairs.

One evening, I cleaned out some of the paperwork that had accumulated in one of our kitchen drawers. As I took the drawer out and swept the dust into the wastebasket, I lost grip of it and it fell on my big toe. Youch! It still hurts when I bend it.

When she calls me up each night and asks what I've been up to, I have to omit most of the cleaning I've done in order to ensure the surprise. On one call, she said that she might want to have some cleaning ladies come out as a late birthday present. Maids do a good job of cleaning, but they can't sort through drawers and decide what can and can't be tossed.

I've kept myself relatively busy throughout. Last Sunday, I went to the Hindu temple. It was boring in some parts, but got more interesting when I asked the group if it was better to have an easy life or a hard one. One of the more knowledgeable Hindus said that it's better to have a harder life as one is more apt to turn to a higher power when there is struggle. Not much spiritual growth is typically accomplished when one has it easy. My depression of many years ago attests to this.

I had my monthly massage a couple days ago. Costing just $55 for 90 minutes and located a mere seven blocks from my home, it's an appointment I always look forward to. I'm sometimes caught between wanting to be quiet as she does her work and catching up on what's been going on with her; we worked together in the early '00s. My love also had a massage last week. She's had about four of them in her life and every time, they've been in Sin City with her parents.

She's seen three movies while out there, easily beating me in movie attendance. There've been a couple occasions when I've thought about going, but felt I would be better served by staying home and watching stuff on the DVR. One of my favorites is the late 70's game show "Card Sharks". I enjoyed it as a child and it's great to be able to watch it again.

I went to a pizza place on Friday night with a friend and her daughter and the place was packed. There was a boy of about 12 who kept passing by our table as he went to play video games. With a short blonde haircut and a ballcap on, I pretended that I wanted to say something every time he passed. On one pass, he actually stopped, so I said what I'd been thinking, "You know who you look like?" He said, "Who?" I replied, "Justin Bieber". He said, "Thanks".

I also had some fun yesterday at the grocery store. There was an early-20 something who was shopping and you could plainly see his underwear underneath his pants as he walked the aisles. This irritated me a bit, so I decided to make light of it. I went up to the guy he was shopping with and said, "Your friend's underwear are hot". The man laughed as I headed to the check-out.


SilverNeurotic said...

Your wife is doing a really good job with her weight loss.

Narkissos said...

omg! unbelievable! hats off to dori....:)
those long sexy legs got you in a trance....sure duz explain your comment eh....hahaha......

Phats said...

What a good husband you're making the rest of look bad haha :)

LOVED Card Sharks!! GSN is one of my favorite channels, can't get enough of match game, card sharks, and pyramid.

Love that you said that to the dude's friend at the store too funny

Phil said...

Your gal will no doubt appreciate your cleaning efforts, but only massages in Vegas for her? Sounds a little suspect...