Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life, Love, and All That Jazz

A cousin of mine who's in his early 30's was diagnosed with cancer this past spring. He went through radiation therapy, chemo, everything the doctors recommended. He has quite a sizable circle of family and friends who have been praying for him these past few months. So it was with much optimism that he had a scan done last week that would tell if his treatment was successful in getting rid of (or at least making a dent in) the disease.

It was with great disappointment that he found out that the cancer had actually spread. What does a person of faith do in such instances? Were all the prayers for nothing? What's going on here? Does God ignore prayers? Does he not mind that one of his children is gravely ill? Most believers would say something like, "God moves in mysterious ways", but that's an awfully dodgy answer. His circle will continue to pray and I can't say I blame them, but if prayer only works some of the time, really, what good is it?

Though a big believer in God, I never pray. Praying makes God out to be stupid, as if She doesn't know what you want in your life, as if He can't already hear your thoughts, that you have to audibly say what it is that you seek. I believe that I co-created all of the events in my life before I was born, so what's happening is just what's happening and ultimately for my highest good.

Those who don't believe in pre-existence (having existed before being birthed by their mother) frequently feel as though things are happening to them, that they played no part in what is showing up. I accept all of it and therein lies much of my peace. It's possible that one day, I'll die in an accident. In my mind, however, there's no such thing as an accident or a coincidence.

I also have no doubt that there is something after this life. Most people, in fact, are the same. Why, then, do they worry about things? It's as if they think that the will of God can be somehow be thwarted (this is why the Devil was invented, by the way). The outcome of life is not in doubt. We are all assured a happy tomorrow. I only wish that more could see life as I do, that there is nothing to fear, ever, that all pain and sorrow is temporary. The day we pass, however, we'll know. We'll remember and wonder how we ever forgot.

Here are some real-life accounts of those who remembered.


Dave said...

I remember when I was young and the family cat was dying. I was terribly upset and asked my father why he had to die, why we couldn't save him, why couldn't the vet do more? The must be something we can do! My father told me that although we try our best that when someone's time is up then there is nothing anyone can do and we just have to let go.

Although that sounds harsh and cynical it is something that has brought me comfort over the years because in a way it kind of removes the guilt if not the sadness of someone's passing. No wondering if more could have been done, it was just their time was up.

I still believe that to this day.

My thoughts go out to your cousin and I sincerely hope his time is not up!

Timothy Smith said...

I know of more then a few people that use to believe but then change that view after a tragedy.

When a drunk driver takes out a family or a man rapes a 4 year old then kills the child believers run out of answers.

Some can find peace in the fact there has to be a reason behind it all but us non-believers find peace in knowing thats not the case so its more important to be proactive in preventing tragedy and take responsibility for coping.

I seriously doubt things like the holocaust have some higher meaning. But those jews shared your thoughts, just sit back and let God handle it. After WWII the jews completelty changed this belief. They still claim to believe but no longer let God handle things as far as their security, they now do that themselves.

I spoke with one woman regarding the holocaust that mentioned God eventually saved the Jews.

My reply?

Why wait until 6 million are burned and tortured for 6 years and in the end Russian tanks saved what remained, not God.

Even Gods "chosen people" showed they no longer believe. They SAY they do but their actions say otherwise.

Never think your time is up, life is precious, FIGHT for it.

Rocketstar said...

Thomas, sorry to hear the bad news, i hope things turn around for him.

Prayer doesn't work, it has been proven to not work and in many cases it actually appears that porayer does the opposite as the person being prayed for feels stress and pressure to get better for all of the people praying for them and that stress actually hurts the gaol of getting better.

Your point is a very good one. IF there is a God and IF he is all knowing and hass a plan for us all, then there is no need to let him know you don't want to die of cancer. He already knows you were going to get cancer or have cancer and if he wanted to make you better he could. If one beleives god knows what is best, then there is no need to pray, God knnows what he is doing.

This may be a good time to post my post on the illusion of prayer. I'll link to yours.

Thomas said...

Dave, it's great your father was able to explain life to you in such a straight-forward way. I know from experience that losing a pet is no less easy than the passing of a fellow homo sapien.

Your "when it's your time" comment reminded me of the movie series "Final Destination". I look forward to seeing the 4th installment next month.

Tim, one of the reasons Neale Walsch's work resonated with me is because it answers the question of why "bad" things happen to "good" people in a more "makes sense to me" way than I'd heard before.

There's nothing wrong with being proactive and cautious in life. I drive defensively and practiced safe sex with every woman I ever met at the Nasty Habit.

Thanks for sharing your Holocaust story. You and I both agree that there are no "chosen people", well, except maybe for Mac users.

Rocket, nice to hear we have some beliefs in common though you're not convinced that a higher power exists.

I just noticed that the main headline on Yahoo-News is "Idaho town prays for return of captured US soldier". You can pray until you're blue in the face, but damn, if you want him back so bad, get your keister down to Afghanistan and kick some butt.

I look forward to your post on the illusion of prayer.

Timothy Smith said...

Tom, after reading the majority of CWG I will say that if someone is to have a relationship or belief in God that seems the most "sane" of all the disciplines I have read about.

Its like religion lite, I know exactly what Neale has dropped from traditional religion that is so appealing....


Any religion that has to use fear and guilt to force a certain moral behavior seems silly to me. CWG does not do this but rather helps one find a way of thinking based on acceptance and appreciation.

It shows when I speak with you, you lack the judgmental and superior language most religious people have.

The Golden Rule and a true desire to practice empathy is all one really needs. Put yourself in others shoes and treat them how you would like to be treated.

You and I in many ways could not be more different but your belief system as well as mine put tolerance and mutual respect in the forefront so we find it easy to get along, effortlessly. There is no doubt the lack of being judgmental can open up your life and bring you many friends you would never otherwise have.

Congrats on having sex with every woman you met at the Habit. I tried but alas failed in that

Thomas said...

Tim, good to hear you made it through most of the book and got something out of it. Nice to know that it may have made an impression on my personality and the way I dialogue.

It's not too difficult to practice if you really believe that you ARE that other person, that the separation that seems to exist is but an illusion so that we might experience duality.

I'm sure you know my comment on the Habit was a joke, Mingles Fundrinkery is where all the good-looking chicks hung out. :P

Timothy Smith said...

Yes, I knew it was a joke. I hung out at the Habit every night for years for that very reason!