Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Climb


Mags said...

My favorite part of this is the guy with the crazy whooping laugh in the background.

disestablishingpuritanism said...

That was amazing when watching it on Countdown and Sportscenter. You would think this was edited. Hope you're doing well. I don't have internet access here, so I might have some time when going back home this weekend to catch up on here. By the way, I'm also amazed this was done in its full stunt without some fancy editing.

Timothy Smith said...

I saw an article saying it was a hoax.

Randy said...

And this guy didn't even wait for ObamaCare to be passed before he risked numerous broken bones...

Thomas said...

Aww, Mags, you're a stitch yourself.

PJ, I'm doing well. Bummer about not having internet access; at least you have a much decreased risk now of getting carpal tunnel.

Tim, I figured that it probably was a hoax after viewing it. It was startling, though, to see him flipping through the air like that. I had no idea that he was going to land in a small pool.

I actually look at the vid as a metaphor for how in life, we want to end up in a certain spot when landing elsewhere would most likely lead to greater growth (though as Randy alluded to, a greater likelihood of broken bones).

Randy, I'm currently underemployed and can't wait for some type of change to occur with health care insurance. People who have to rely on the open market (capitalism, as it were) for their insurance virtually always end up paying a buttload of money for not enough coverage (which is why I'm going without for now).

Timothy Smith said...

I hear ya Tom about insurance. I actually don't mind Obamas plan as long as he fights off the private insurers that want him to restrict the public option.

If there is to be a public option it should be for......the public. ALL of us. Yes, it should be a sliding scale based on ability to pay but the reason some of us need a public option is due to pre-existing conditions.

If there was a public option that cost what I pay now I can even live with that. My problem is now that I am moving I was told I CANT get any insurance at any amount. So of course health care companies told Obama they will take people like me so they can murder me on premiums (right now they only take people they feel will never file a claim and drop them when they do).

I still think single payer is best. I know the feds can give me a lower rate because they will have a larger pool of people. Also, being the feds they cant turn me down.

In short the feds just need to extend the health care program all federal employees have to the public and subsidize it for those that cant afford it.

But the insurance companies have Obamas ear now. I just hope he can do the right thing, for ALL of us.

Problem in my eyes is the class warfare BS. The rich are saying "fuck the poor" but the poor are saying "fuck the rich" Everyone is just looking at whats in it for them.

Thomas said...

I'm with you 100%, Tim. There's no good reason to restrict the public option. All are entitled to affordable care.