Sunday, August 30, 2009

Midnight Snack

Ever since turning 30, I get up at least a couple times in the middle of the night. In most cases, I'm at least a tad hungry, so after going to the bathroom, I hit the refrigerator for a snack or two (I've noticed that it's easier for me to get to sleep if I have a reasonable amount of food being digested). But where to eat it? I'm not big on eating at the kitchen table and don't really like ingesting food while in front of the telly.

I hit upon the idea of eating on the floor of the bathroom at least five years ago. While sitting cross-legged on the floor mat next to the sink, I peruse EntertainMeWeakly

(check it: the cast of Seinfeld is reuniting this fall on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm")

or Snoozeweek as I eat a NutriGrain bar (or an Oreo Cakester if I'm jonesing for some chocolate). On other evenings, I'll microwave some Pillsbury homestyle pancakes and make sure to put plenty of syrup on them.

I sometimes even eat my dinner in there; the white noise offered by the bathroom fan is a nice reprieve from the TV blaring as my wife watches stuff like Nancy Grace and "Fried Green Tomatoes". The bright lights given off by the vanity also make it much easier for me to read.


Narkissos said...

I do retreat to the loo for some peace of mind every so often, read my favourite book while soaking away my stress. sometimes my laptop or play video games. never tried eating though.....gotta try

Timothy Smith said...

You eat dinner in the bathroom? I like eating outside whenever possible.

Mags said...

You know I love you right? So forgive me for're a weird, weird man! You eat on the bathroom floor?!?! crack me up.

Also-I thought you gave up cakesters in the middle of the night...

Dave said...

lol ok sorry dude, I am with Mags on this one but what's weird is not that you eat on the bathroom floor but that you fessed up to it on here!! ;-)

Rocketstar said...

Bathroom, not whee I would want to eat anything. How can you get back to sleep after being awake enough to persue the 'fridge' and eat something.

Thomas said...

Narkissos, I also love reading while taking a bath (especially in the wintertime).

Tim, I actually can't stand eating outside (probably because it throws a wrench into my obsession with always wanting to read something while eating).

Mags, I agree. Perhaps my middle name should be LeavingNormal. On many nights, I can avoid the Cakesters, but, unfortunately, not every one.

Dave, revealing this peculiarity of mine did not come easily, but it had been a week since I'd last posted and I was desperate to write something of interest.

Rocket, it does typically take me a good 10-15 to get back to sleep after a snack, but I've learned to deal with it.

Narkissos said...

hey Thomas
leaving "normal" is awesome! who knows what's normal though eh? but fessing up is gutsy...ATTA BOY!!!