Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Some of you may be wondering if I've had any pleasant alcohol experiences of late. Well, after being hooked on the fuzzy navel for some time, I've moved on to the screwdriver (OJ and vodka). As a kid, I drank orange juice all the time. Now, I never even buy the stuff (too acidy for my tastes these days). I first tried the driver about 2 weeks ago. Damn! It tasted like pure vodka! I told the barkeep and she brought out some more OJ to help dilute the hard stuff. Ahh. That's better. My head started buzzin' a tick. This one lady was talkin', but I was hearing her as if from a distance (it's hard to explain). Let me just say that it was interesting. I had another one this past weekend. I hear that a Long Island Iced Tea is the shit. Perhaps one day I'll find out for myself...

On Friday evening, I was with some friends on the patio of a bar. We were all sitting around a fire pit. I went to the bar to get a beer for my main squeeze. I headed back to the pit with her change in my hand. I thought of something amusing I could do and went for it. With 6 bucks in my hand, I pretended to trip just a few feet from the pit and then bent over forwards, getting really close to the fire in the process (the bills were just a few inches from the flames). A few people started laughing (it's not difficult to make those who've had a few do so) and I took another sip of my driver. That's summertime for ya.

Enjoy your 4th, kiddies!


Mags said...

Oh no. You're a physical drunk.

Be careful Tommy, k?


Anonymous said...

So, you like the girly drinks eh? It must be that kelly Clarkston stuff you listen to that makes you do it.

Screwdrivers were my mom's favorite drink of choice, although over here it OJ, Vodka and 7-up on the rocks.

I'm a rum and coke with a twist of lime girl myself.


the108 said...

Dude... be careful with the Long Island Iced Tea. One of them will FUCK YOU UP if you are a fairly new drinker.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Ugh, Long Island iced teas scare me. LOL! I had one (well, and a few drinks ontop of it) and I just wanted to die that night.

Though, I didn't throw up and my handover was not too bad the next day.