Thursday, July 05, 2007

First hand account from one of my brothers

The following took place in the early 90's:

I had just bought a slingshot and wanted to practice with it. I remember going into the blue building and the garage door was open, the one facing Broadway. I saw a screw laying on the floor in there and loaded it into the slingshot.

This guy in a station wagon passed by and stopped at the stop sign. He then started driving up the block. I walked out of the garage and just aimed up the street at him. I couldn't believe it, it took out his back window with the first shot I ever made with that! His brake lights came on, and he majorly hit them hard, his whole rear end came pretty high up off the ground. He must have thought someone was shooting a gun at him.

I flew back into the garage and then came out that one door facing the brown building and never ran so fast into the house and then hid out for a while.

I was pretty scared, but nothing happened luckily.


the108 said...

You are very lucky that you didn't get busted, you bad boy.

I would have spanked you a good one for that.

~paige~ said...

and I would have held you down while she did it.

Thomas said...

Guys, one of my brothers did this, not me. That's why the post is titled "First hand account from one of my brothers".

~paige~ said...

i think you are bad for even being there. mwah ha ha and i still want to see kyra spank ya