Thursday, September 24, 2009

Too Much Skin

Why do people wear jeans that aren't flattering to their ass? I pride myself on wearing pants that show off what I got, but most guys wear their pants in such a way that it's virtually impossible to tell that they have a touchis; women are a bit better in this regard:

It's like, Have a little respect for yourself. Even if you're taken, there's nothing wrong with showing what you got.

Which brings me to chubby people wearing clothes that show off too much of their skin. I'm at a relatively healthy weight, but haven't worn tank tops since Chevy Chase was funny...just kidding, I think he's actually quite amusing on NBC's new show "Community". Clothes were designed for a reason: to obscure the body's largest organ and if you're packing more than 20% body fat, the more covered, the better.

If it's 80 degrees outside, I'm wearing a long-sleeve shirt because most all my day will be spent inside, either at work or during the weekend, at the movie theatre and a restaurant. I recently told a friend of mine that wearing a short-sleeve shirt to Friday's is just plain tacky. And don't even get me started on the fucks who wear flip flops everywhere they go. Sometimes I wish it was winter all year round.


Dave said...

You should try Liverpool where the latest cultural phenomena is for young/teenage girls to wear 'Daytime Pyjamas' on the streets.

I will confess to liking a comfortable pair of joggers as much as the next slacker. I will even own up to having PJ days (usually Sundays) when I will laze around all day and refuse to answer the door. I have on occasions popped out into the garden in slippers and dressing gown but I wouldn’t walk the streets in that state of undress.

I mean come on, just how hard is it to get dressed in the mornings?

Thomas said...

I hear ya. In fact, I'll take your PJ Sundays and raise you by saying that I like to stroll around most evenings in just my bathrobe. Needless to say, I also won't answer the door on such occasions (though I might make an exception for a couple Jehovah's Witnesses, not Mormons, though).

Rocketstar said...

No T Shirts in Friday's, really? It's not like Friday's is a shirt and tie kind of place. So is that picture flattering or not flattering?

Narkissos said...

I agree, I hate those old fashioned jeans with no shape, why not show off your best features? single or taken, look good, feel good for yourself! also I think for a guy his butt's the best feature!
and too tight pants or skirts, jeez ladies! get over it! it only accentuates your muffin tops! I also hate when you can see the thong-line under the pants or dress, disgusting!
robe is so good for longing away the day.
btw why not post a picture of your derrière in a nice pair of pants thomas! let us be the judge......:)

Sarah said...

oh man, i love my flip flops; i won't take them off until november. i used to detest them, but they are soooooo easy and j crew makes some really cute ones.

Timothy Smith said...

"I also hate when you can see the thong-line under the pants or dress, disgusting!"

I LOVE that. A girl wearing light material white capris with black underwear on...oh ya.

I wear whatever is cheap, comfortable and durable. If anyone has a problem with it they can take me shopping.

TGIF is T-shirt material in my opinion.

If we all dressed the same and followed some set of etiquette rules what fun would people watching be?