Saturday, October 10, 2009


I lost my sunglasses the day before last. Apparently, I left them on the trunk of my girl's car while it was parked in the garage and then forgot to obtain them the following morning when going to work (as it was rainy out). She didn't notice the spectacles as she left, so they musta fell off onto the road somewhere. I've had them for years, in fact, just a few days before, I was marveling at how I don't generally lose glasses; the previous pair I had for a number of years as well until they wore out. Both were Viper Blublockers purchased from a summer street vendor.

I was bummed for a bit before realizing I should take my own advice and see every change as an opportunity. I thought of ordering another pair online, but then felt it might be best to scope things out around town, see what else is out there. Perhaps I could find an old-school pair that would make people think I'm Don Draper.

One good thing about losing my glasses at this time of year is that the only time I'll be wearing them is in my car as the weather is not really favorable (and won't be for some time) for taking walks. I don't plan to spend any more than $25.

I can still remember the first time I bought sunglasses (at the age of 20). They were quite dark, kinda like the Terminator's. I was somewhat embarrassed the first time I wore them (walking to my Dad's place) as I felt I looked cool enough without wearing them, but WITH them, forget it.

UPDATE: Mission Accomplished. I bought (would you believe) ESPN glasses:

After purchasing them, I went to the grocery store to buy some food. For the heck of it, I perused their sunglass selection. While doing so, I glanced up and noticed a man reading a magazine. Which one? ESPN.


Narkissos said...

booyaa.........finally pwned dave and rocketstar!! I'll be the 1st one to post comment......:)
"see every change as an opportunity". not always tom!
and that dude is awfully sexy, try something like that, nice! luv the shape and dark color, will suit ya for sure...........:)

Dave said...

I have this annoying habit of leaving sunglasses on the seat when I get out of the car and then sitting on them when I don't see them the next morning. I have lost count of the number of glasses my arse (I think you guys call it ass) has destroyed and Ray Ban Aviators don't come cheap... even on eBay!! :(

...and Fay, we let you win ;)

Rocketstar said...

Unlike you, I seem to go through them too often which is why I never spend more that 15-20 bucks.

Narkissos said...

hey thomsy
guess what? you're famous! every comment on my blog either ends or starts with a quote from famous philosopher thomas! yes you're loyal followers, davy jones and rocket dude! not me though, ah ah! cuz mine is the best! yeah baby! the best blog eva.....WOOT!