Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two-Ton Tessie

A month ago, I posted video of our Saint Bernard when she was but a pup. Now here she is full-grown "playing" with little Zoe:


Dave said...

Cute hound and as we can tell, very well trained but I think the little guy has taken on more than he can chew there!!

Narkissos said...

gotta be kidding me, within a month? wow......she's a cute giant dog now......:)

Rocketstar said...

All I can think of is Cujo.

disestablishingpuritanism said...

I really need a dog, and my mom has told me repeatedly about the St. Bernard she had growing up. This is one breed that I love -- Aussie, Border, Golden Retriever, Lab, Great Pyrenees are the others.

I didn't read too much into the reviews only to move my eyes to where you enjoyed or didn't enjoy a movie. When Robin was here, we wanted to see "500 Days of Summer," but it didn't hit the theater yet. We saw "Couples Retreat" and it was hilarious. Vince Vaughn kicks ass with his long-winded explanations which reminds me Hope things are going well up there. Hey, how about Brett and those Vikings? Another great win yesterday.

Thomas said...

Dave, excellent pun. However, the little dog was actually the alpha dog in the house. When we boarded them together in one crate in 2000, the lady who watched them even commented on that.

Very interesting that a 120-pound Saint Bernard would let a 20-pound mixed breed rule the roost; it could be that she did this because Zoe was there first.

Narkissos, both of these vids are from the late 90's, so, no, Brandy didn't grow quite that fast (though it certainly seemed like it at the time).

Rocket, I hear you.

PJ, nice to see you. You should get a dog as long as you have the time to take care of it and take it places; if it's just gonna be in a crate all day, don't bother.

"Couples Retreat" is next on my list. Just drove out of town this past weekend to see the viral phenomenon "Paranormal Activity". I was a bit let down, but the faux-documentary certainly held my interest.

In regards to Brett, I was ecstatic the day he arrived and he has certainly lived up to the hype.