Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun Facts About Yours Truly

My birth weight was 7 pounds, 10 ounces

I lived in Greece for my first three years

Foods I didn't like as an infant: Barley, Veal, Spinach

At 28 months, I was saying things like "Daddy poo-poo fart" and "I don't want it"

The first movie I went to was "Dumbo"

One of my favorite songs as a toddler was the O'Jays' "Love Train"

As a 5-year old, I enjoyed playing Yahtzee, Old Maid, and Candy Land

At the age of 7, I got lost at Milwaukee's County Stadium, even though I knew exactly where my family was sitting (for the juicy details, go here)


Rocketstar said...

Wow, I can't remember squat from my early years.

Mags said...

Yes, how do you remember all that? Did your mom write it down?

Thomas said...

Rocket & Mags, I'm not THAT good. My mom wrote the info down decades ago and put it into a blue baby book which she gave me a number of years ago.

Extra Ordinary Me said...

Haha... that's funny that you just sat there... kind of scary when you think about it. That guy could have led you anywhere.

Narkissos said...

you know i was thinking the did ya remember? so i didn't comment, talked to my parents and it woz a wonderful know not talking about my big C.......thanx to ya......they went on and on and on......
they promised to send me my baby book and few pix.........maybe i'll post one day...btw i woz a "forceps" baby, and a whopping 10 and a half lbs.....ouch! sorry maa.....:)

disestablishingpuritanism said...

I was a blizzard baby born in Euclid (suburb of Cleveland). I weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz. CandyLand and Life had to be two of my favorite board games. "Love Train" is still one of my favorites today.

Wow! You lived in Greece too. That's one great thing about being a military brat. You do get to see the world.

I remember getting lost in a grocery store one time and didn't want to go through the automatic doors. I thought they would crush me. It wasn't fun -- bawling and crying out for mom. Your lost experience was definitely more lighthearted.

Speaking of LOST, what do you think so far?

Thomas said...

Extra, yes, it was quite the experience.

Narkissos, 10 and a half pounds is nothing to sneeze at. You apparently wanted your presence to be known at the start! Great to hear you had a nice convo with your predecessors. All the best!

PJ, yes, Life was a great game as well. It brought to the forefront thoughts about having a wife one day, children, not to mention a car.

The thing about Greece is that since we left to return to the States when I was 3, I have no memory of it. I do, however, have some pictures which validate that it happened. My mom said that because of availability, she typically had to feed me goat's milk. I can't drink white milk to this day.

Yeah, my experience being lost was more interesting than traumatic because I knew exactly where my family was sitting and there was no way they were gonna abandon their oldest.

I'm definitely enjoying Lost, though at times, I get a bit impatient for more to be revealed. But before we know it, the adventure will be over and I'll be wishing that I'd enjoyed the process more. Kind of a metaphor for life.