Friday, February 19, 2010

Lordy Lordy

Next week, my beloved turns the Big 4-0; she's about 9 months older than me which means that I was conceived around the time she was born. It's nice being similar ages as we both grew up with the same music and TV shows. Course pretty much everybody born in the 70's grew up with the Brady Bunch, but still. Right now, she's watching season four of the early 70's program, "Emergency!" It was a forerunner to shows like "ER" and "Third Watch". I bought her season 5 for her birthday.

As we grow older, I wonder how long we'll live, what conditions we'll be afflicted with, what crosses we'll have to bear. It's pretty incredible when you think about it, that everybody dies. To the young, death seems a lifetime away, but eventually those lazy summers and cold winters turn into decades and you're well into middle age.

I read an article in TIME magazine recently about the Top 5 causes of death for each age group. For my age range (35-44), they are accidents, cancer, heart disease, suicide, and homicide. Ten years from now, when I am in my late 40's, the Top 5 things I could die from are cancer, heart disease, accidents, liver disease, and suicide. A person over 65's Top 5 is heart disease, cancer, stroke, respiratory diseases, and accidents a very distant fifth.

Whether I die from heart disease, cancer, or somebody twisting my balls off in a vice, it's gonna happen someday. Until then, there's not much I can do other than try to enjoy life and stay away from Industrial Arts classrooms.


Rocketstar said...

Great post Thomas. My better half and I also turn 40 this year, we both will officially be past half life.

As you know, I too think about how I will go, hopefully quickly and painlessley.

Happy weekend! ;o)

Extra Ordinary Me said...

Hm.. interesting. I don't really think about how I'll die all that often but I figure it'll be from some kind of cancer when I'm old. I think we're supposed to start thinking more about that when we hit like... 60 or 70 not 40! But happy birthday to your woman. :-)

Narkissos said...

wonderful post.....the big cure for death eh..... "eventually those lazy summers......into middle age"......awesome......very true! so you need to stay healthy as much as make death painless and bearable as rock point in sufferings....fay's life is completely guyz take care.....have healthy and happy life.....:)
happy birthday to your beloved...
hugz and kisses for both of you......:)

SilverNeurotic said...

Well, happy birthday to your wife.

Stephen said...

The vice thing.. No way. SCA is the way.