Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taking It Up the Tailpipe

I think it’s a bit ridiculous the degree to which some are hung up on gas prices. It’s like they always have to look at what it’s going for in the morning and the first they hear that it may be going up, they rush out to save a few nickels. Can you imagine how different things would be if gas stations didn’t have their prices displayed on huge signs outside, if you had to enter the store to know what it was going for? Why should gas be any different than coffee?

I admit to glancing at the price of petrol once in a while and concede to getting a small amount of satisfaction when I purchased some for 3.45 last week (the price now stands at 3.75). But let’s look closer. I bought 10 gallons of gas, so saved 3.00. That means I have 3 more dollars in my checking account than I did before. Does that make me happier? Not really. I’d rather have no reaction to the increases and just pay what they’re charging. I can take it up the keister as well as anyone (that’s what she said).

Bill Maher said a number of years ago that the price of gas should be at least 5 dollars a gallon (considering the value you get from it as well as its scarcity). I agreed with his sentiments and as gas has steadily increased, I’ve paid it no mind. I do feel bad for those who have less disposable income and who, therefore, suffer more as prices increase. I guess what it comes down to is one can either piss and moan about the oil companies or do something about it (public transport, bicycling, walking, car pool, hybrid, siphon others' gas). Stop playing the victim.

(Composed on September 16, 2008 - First time posted)


SilverNeurotic said...

I have kind of the same attitude as you do...I just don't get bent out of shape when it comes to gas prices. Yes, they are getting higher and that sucks for people who drive gas guzzlers and choose to drive a lot. Me? I drive a ford focus that gets good gas mileage. I don't just drive around for the fun of it. I drive when I need to.

Timothy Smith said...

Gas should be $8-10 a gallon at least. It costs about $16-20 a gallon including environmental and security concerns. The only way to conserve is tax. We tax gas 10-25 cents a gallon per month until its 8-10 bucks. Be a band aid type pain, 5-10 years America would adapt.

But no one gets elected on that platform.

Same thing for smokes, make em $20 a pack, problem solved.

Narkissos said...

I totally agree....i mean nobody's forcing you to buy it....you can always take the public transport, or bike, or walk...if you really have to gripe....then do yourself/the community a favour....instead of whining....concientize people...how about a petition or advocacy....you might not get the desired outcome....but someone else would relay the advocacy....isn't that way satisfying and constructive than whining....

Timothy Smith said...

Exactly, responsibility starts at home. If gas is too expensive then use less of it. Gas is a luxury, most people think its a right. Bottled water is far more expensive (and equally stupid) compared to gasoline.

If people think gas is high here they should shoot up to Canada to fill up.

Randy said...

The problem with increased fuel prices is that it affects lower income people more than higher income. Effectively, it's a regressive tax. You can suggest people take the bus, but in more rural areas or in suburbs, that's not a solution. As fuel prices go up, lower income people spend a higher percentage of their income on gas.

The second problem is that fuel costs affects everything you buy. Drive by a WalMart, Target or a grocery store, you'll see trucks lined up delivering goods. Increasing fuel costs means increasing cost of groceries, clothes, etc. If, as someone suggested, prices were to rise to $8 or $10/gallon, you'd see widespread inflation.

What's needed are alternatives. I'd like to see the government offer a $1m prize to the company who can create a real alternative. Then sit back and let private industry do what it does best.