Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ties: The Devil Incarnate?

Going out to eat the night before last, I observed a number of groups who were Jehovah's Witnesses, in town for their annual convention. They were easy to identify, dressed to the nines, and wearing name tags.

Seeing them made me realize how glad I am that I don't have to wear a tie on a regular basis. Can't stand the buggers! They is much too constricting. I can never feel comfortable wearing them. Even if I knew that I would go to hell for not joining their religion (they actually don't believe in hell, BTW), I wouldn't do it for the simple fact that I can't stand ties. Even if I could double my pay by wearing one, I still wouldn't do it. I mean, how the hell could I write decent posts for you folks with a piece of fabric knotted around my neck?

One of the parties was leaving the restaurant and saw another group sitting close to the girl and I. They recognized each other and waved. I, not wanting to feel left out, put a smile on my face and waved at the departing party as well. I also winked, something I never do. My lady started laughing as I also gave a thumbs-up to one of them. I do wish them well. They probably rarely get the chance to eat at Friday's.


Rocketstar said...

Ties, hate'em

Coconut said...

Did you also take that picture of them?

Thomas said...

Rocket, I would be troubled if I ever found a man who enjoyed wearing one.

Coconut, no, I didn't take that pic. I found it on the information superhighway.

SARAH said...

i'd totally wear a tie if i could double my salary. but i like money, so whatever.

lauren said...

I'm with Sarah.

I think guys in ties are hot, though. Anyone else agree?

duchess said...

My husband wears a tie every day, and he doesn't mind it. and I love 'em.

I once went to a Twins game where there was a HUGE contingency of Jehovah's witnesses (weekday afternoon game) and they all brought food in identical little white bags, and all of them got their soda confiscated at the gate.