Monday, August 18, 2008

October 18, 1984 (age 13) - Journal entry

The big question these days is Mondale or Reagan. Reagan's a nice guy, but Mondale is from Minnesota and I like the idea of helping the poor and making sure everyone gets a fair shake. Everybody talks about the U.S. being such a great country, but tell that to all the poor people here.

I'm living with my dad and siblings in Winona now. I don't really like it. The kids are so noisy and never shut up. I share a bedroom with two of my brothers, but in a way, I have my own room cuz I actually sleep in a little cubby hole. All my tapes are in there and I have a We Are the World poster on the ceiling that I can look at when I go to bed. Some of my favorite singers are on it. My new favorite is Madonna. In some ways, she's better looking than Olivia.

Since leaving Rollingstone, I don't really have any friends to hang out with. My mom lives by herself in downtown Winona. We visit her every weekend. I miss seeing her every day like it used to be. I wanted to stay living with her, but dad and mom said I needed to live with the rest of the kids. I like the Cosby show, but we usually go to the meeting on Thursday nights so I have to miss it. I still wish that mom and dad could get back together so it could be like it was before. I think I took the divorce the hardest. I can still remember the night when my siblings told me that mom and dad were going to break up (I was watching the Olivia concert on HBO). I couldn't believe it. I think Grandma might be the only one who understands how I feel.

Dad wants me to keep giving talks at the meetings, but I don't really feel like it. He got pissed when I told him I spent $30 on a handheld video game.

I don't collect Star Wars figures anymore. I'm too old for them.


Coconut said...

Haha, of course you had a "We Are The World" poster! A nice bit of insight into the mind of 13-year-old Thomas. I was 20 days old when you wrote this.

Thomas said...

20 days old, holy crap! I was listening to an 80's station recently and "We Are The World" came on. It took me back 20+ years like that! I always get chills when Michael sings, "We are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start giving". Well, most of the time, anyway...