Friday, August 22, 2008

You Get to Erase Five Bands From Music History. Who Do You Choose?

Fark is running the survey here.

Some of the funniest responses:

"Can we pick entire genres? Cause I'd LOVE to get rid of "gangsta rap"

"Anything after 2003"

"I'm surprised nobody said Billy Ray Cyrus. That's a twofer right there."

"Loverboy has always sucked."

"Any 90's shitty "alt rock for pussies" band (Semisonic, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dishwalla, etc)"

"I'm shocked no one said Oasis..."

"I wish I could erase the Hair Bands from History. My goodness, what were the young adults in the 80s thinking, listening to that kind of music?"

"Coldplay, I mean, come on, play more than the same 4 farking notes over and over and over."

"Josh Groban. I'd like to not only erase him, but the 4 previous generations of his family (I can't take a chance with the gene pool reforming him)."

"Think how many fewer children would have been molested if the Who didn't exist."

"I went regular bowling for the first time in years last week. They played a song called Honky-Tonk Badonkadonk there. I vote whoever wrote that to this list."

Here are my picks (I'm aware they're not all bands):

1. Vanilla Ice
2. Michael Bolton

3. Lee Greenwood
4. Helen Reddy
5. Color Me Badd


Sarah said...

most of the stuff in my itunes collection

Thomas said...

I have a number of guilty pleasures myself, Sarah: Olivia Newton-John, Maroon 5, Air Supply, and Michael Jackson, to name a few.

dawnmarie said...

Michael Jackson is not a guilty pleasure. Weird as shit, but immensely talented as a musician, especially in the early days.

1. Shania Twain
2. Celine Dion
3. Garth Brooks

I can't think of anymore at the moment, but those three are a great start.

Thomas said...

I totally agree with you on Michael, Dawn.

However, 2 of the 3 artists you listed I've actually seen in concert: Celine in '05 (more for my wife than me) and Garth 5 times in '98 (he had a 9-night stand in Minneapolis and I was able to attend more than half of those shows). He hasn't embarked on a regular tour since '98. I'm not as big a fan of his as I was a decade ago, but I still like to listen to his stuff from time to time.

GoteeMan said...

1. Jim Neighbors (Gomer - need I say more)
2. Englebert Humperdinck (do I even have to tell you... with a name like Humperdinck, it has to be awful)
2. Starship ("we built this city" - ok, now go burn it to the ground)
3. Mr Mister and Wang Chung TIE... they both totally suck
4. 4 Non-Blondes (why not just say "4 pissy brunettes"?)
5. Limp Bizkit and Clay Aiken (another tie...) ... ICK...


disestablishingpuritanism said...

Here's my five:

1. Linkin Park -- Trent Reznor wants his equipment back. They use a poor mixture of rap and rock. Their latest single on the radio sounds like a direct re-manufactured version of Ministry's old stuff.

2. Any new twangy, wanna-be-rock star turned country musician. Yes, this includes Garth Brooks. Johnny Cash and the old timers made this genre just fine the way it was.

3. Creed. The first several dozen grunge bands did just fine.

4. Janet Jackson can stop trying to outshine Madonna. It didn't work more than 20 years ago and Madonna can still perform like nobody's bizness.

5. Puff Daddy, Diddy, P-Diddy, his alter-egos drive me nuts. Is there an original track he will create in the near future? Oh, I say BK is closed bitch.

Yes, Michael Jackson has shown his personal life is a disaster. You can't take away the "Thriller". I was a huge fan of his growing up.

p.s. Good move for Obama to pick Biden. Personally, I like Biden better than Bayh, although they are great reps. for the Dems. I just hope get too verbose and unrestrained. Other than that, he'll knock down every attack and his foreign policy creds will greatly contribute. We're going to win this thing.

houstonmacbro said...

1. Madonna (the latter years)
2. Kenny G
3. Britney Spears
4. Country Music (ick!)
5. Modern Hip Hop