Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama Runs Constructive Criticism Ad Against McCain


houstonmacbro said...

I hadn't seen this one yet (I guess because I don't watch a lot of television). Thanks for sharing.

houstonmacbro said...

I didn't watch it all before I posted. That was hilarious.

Question, if Obama takes a more aggressive tone, how do think it would play with the rest of the country? Would they see him as an 'angry black man' and therefore a threat, or do you think it would show that he actually has a pair?

Thomas said...

Very good question, Houston. Andrew Sullivan recently posted the following addressing that very issue:

"The one aspect of these events that many seem to ignore is the racial and gender dynamics. Obama's style against McCain was much tougher and crisper and more forceful than with Clinton.

With McCain, he could be more alpha male, as he was. But Obama is also a black man against a white man. So he must also be very careful not to get angry and to stay cool and calm. He has to do that to avoid the "angry black man" trap. But then he cannot afford to seem weak either. You realize how hard a balance that is for ninety minutes? Obama has to walk through a racial minefield all the time.

No one in American political history has ever managed to pull it off as smoothly as he has so far. He was respectful to McCain but also more confident looking him in the eye. He was forceful without appearing angry. He was calm without seeming professorial. Because he makes it look relatively easy doesn't mean it isn't actually extremely hard."

houstonmacbro said...

Um, do I understand? Of course, I live it every day.

I see co-workers go off on bosses and other co-workers, but if I even THOUGHT about doing it, I doubt I'd be employed too long.

It is a tough balancing act.

Brian in Mpls said...

That is good:)

Stephanie said...

I needed the giggle today, thank you! I do love the Onion News!

"I didn't hurt your feelings, did I?" lmao

Obama and McCain = BFFEs!


P.S. I'm still willing to bet money on the fact that Obama is the next 'Golden Child'. Only time will tell if I will be proven wrong.

Thomas said...

Stephanie, you're welcome.

I don't know what's up McCain's butt these days. I read yesterday that when he and Obama were at that Washington pow-wow with Bush last week, Obama asked him what he thought of the bill and McCain didn't respond. So much for bi-partisanship.

This, coupled with McCain not looking at Obama during the entirety of Friday's debate and we definitely got a "character" here, don't we?!

Rocketstar said...

the onion, nice

lauren said...

Speaking of the debates, I thought Obama did a great job.

Mags said...

I can't watch this at work but am very interested in it. Is it a joke or a real video? Inquiring minds want to know!!

houstonmacbro said...

Mags, it's definitely a pun.

Timothy Smith said...

McCain and Obama released a joint statement to put politics aside to fix the financial crisis. McCain opted to go back to Washington and Obama attacked him for it. Then you expect McCain to be cordial when Obama wants to talk?

Both are playing election year politics, not just McCain.

Sorry but Obama does not have any bi-partisan legs to stand on and a quick look at his voting record shows as much.

I think Obama is a great leader and may in fact do well but to say he is the bi-partisan candidate over John McCain does show a lack of knowledge on the subject.

Name a single bi-partisan achievement by Obama in his lifetime. Cant? Well McCain has dozens.

If Obama attacks McCain and you can cheer that on then you have to live with the fact McCain will act in a similar matter.

Thats just election year politics.

Stephanie said...

McCain is also married to the mob but that doesn't get much coverage. Heh!

Timothy Smith said...

Partisan politics, its easy to see all the bad things about one guy and only the good of another.

Press does not cover the fact Obamas top economic adviser was behind the deregulation that led to this latest crisis, allowing investment banks to sell securities.

Both have dirt on them, Obama is a great leader but he is not Jesus.

Stephanie said...

This is a blog I'm growing quite fond. I just recently became aware of it from someone sending me the link.


Timothy Smith said...

Nice blog, thanks for the link. I have read a few articles that state a decent case for letting the banks fail. The frozen credit crisis needs help though but I don't think anyone really knows how.

Thomas said...

Lauren, I also think Obama did a great job on Friday night.

Stephanie, thanks for the link. I’ll be sure to check that site out.

Tim, you’re right about Obama not having any bi-partisan legs to stand on (at this point), but while McCain was playing the blame game yesterday after the bailout didn’t pass, Barack refused to do so, instead assuring us that some type of legislation would be passed soon.

The third comment on this page shows the fine line that Obama has to cross, not wanting to look weak, but knowing that if he comes off as too angry, he’ll be viewed as a black militant-type.

Believe me, I do see some good things in McCain, much more so than with W. In particular, it comforts me knowing that McCain is a believer in global warming and mankind’s part in it. Obama, however, just seems to have much more detailed plans on what he’ll do (check out his website). McCain barely touched on actual policy during the debate and didn’t once say the words “middle class”. :(

I’ve also heard about Obama’s adviser being behind deregulation, but am willing to believe he won’t be dissuaded from making the needed economic adjustments. I think McCain’s main economic adviser. Phil Gramm is much worse, saying in the last few months that we are in a “mental recession” and that the U.S. is full of “whiners”.

No, Obama is not Jesus…yet. But he is the most inspiring Presidential candidate since Reagan and that’s gotta count for something.

Timothy Smith said...

I can agree with that. Both parties are crap in my opinion and both play party politics.

Someone that supports Obama told me how you have to think to support Obama. "You cant go by his record of what he has done you just have to listen to what he is saying"

Problem is I think that is backwards. I tend to take what politicians say with a grain of salt and instead look at voting records.

Obama is very smart and very articulate and I try to realize what he is saying is just to get elected but once he is he will do the right thing. I give him the benefit of the doubt.

McCain is different for me, I see McCain for what he is, what even democrats saw just a year ago or so. When the DNC told everyone its time to hate him I did not listen, I needed actual reasons that made sense. As an independent I don't let the RNC and DNC tell me how to think and never will.

An example: Democrats, most posting here would say all Republicans want to do is line the pockets of the rich and support Wall Street. Funny thing though, its Republicans that are against the bailout and Democrats support Bush and are for it.

Both parties just want power and when they have it they will repay those that put them in power. Not just Republicans, Democrats too.

Tom, I agree Obama is in a tough spot but I think he is doing really well. His experience gap showed a bit at the debates but his one on one interviews I think he has been fantastic. I think he should avoid attacks but still defend any fact-blurring by McCain. He should stick to his message and I have no doubt he will win.

While Obama is not my pick I have this feeling he will rise to the occasion once elected. This is a historic moment and he knows it.

Brian said...

Haha, "We're Cool Right?"

I love the Onion and this election is wearing me out.


Timothy Smith said...

My former roommate had Onion posters all over our apartment. I bought a shirt from there once that said "Let the F$%#cking begin!" but of course was not censored.

You would not believe how many people wanted that shirt!

All hail the mighty Onion!

For some REAL nasty t-shirts check out tshirthell.com.

Stephanie said...

tshirthell is the bomb dot com!