Friday, September 05, 2008

A Visit to the Democratic Party Office

After going out to eat at Friday’s last night, I thought I’d stopped by the Democratic Party office (it’s located just a couple blocks from the restaurant). I’d seen a couple Obama signs up in our neighborhood and was interested in getting one myself. I went in and saw a teenage girl (probably a volunteer) working the phones. Behind her was a huge map of Olmsted county (the one I reside in). The lady I talked to was a forty-something who worked the same office back in ’04 when Kerry was the nom.

She said they had Obama bumper stickers (a $1 donation was encouraged if you wanted to pick one up), but that, at the moment, they had no Obama signs. She said a shipment was expected in the next week or two. The ones coming in were actually Obama-Biden signs as opposed to ones with just ‘Bama’s name on it (she said a $5 donation was encouraged for these). As she spoke, I noticed a very interesting thing: her eyebrows were literally dark blue. I wondered if they were blue because she liked the way the color looked on her face or if it was done to show off her party affiliation (she may have been wearing a blue top as well).

She also gave me a flyer for a Rock the Vote party taking place next week in south Rochester. Funnyman Al Franken is gonna be there, but the main attraction is an Elvis impersonator. And he’s not just a regular impersonator who’ll pose for pics and do that thing with his hands that Elvis is known for. He can actually sing like Elvis. I’m not sure if I’ll go, but I bet it'd be fun mingling with others who are of the same political persuasion (we can talk about how much we love gay people, how we can't wait to tax the shit out of the rich, have lots of French fries, hug a couple trees). Who knows? Maybe I’d meet someone who is even more pumped about Obama than I.


Timothy Smith said...

Go back and ask if you can get a picture of the blue eyebrows for a $10 donation.

I want to see it!

I have not seen any signs at all here in Phoenix, not even for McCain which is odd.

For a while it was said Obama was going to take a stab at Arizona but I guess that's off the table now.

I wonder what it looks like driving through neighborhoods in Ohio. If Obama can take Ohio, Colorado and New Mexico its all over and it seems the Obama camp knows this.

Its a good thing Americans are getting fired up over a democratic candidate, its been a long time. I believe that's why Obama will win in the end. Its hard to get too motivated over someone that looks like they died a few years ago.

disestablishingpuritanism said...

Al Franken alone is worth the price of admission. So much attention has been focused on his race with Norm Coleman (another Bush bot). We have plenty of them here.

The blue eyebrows would spark my curiosity. I would've said something politically correct like, "That's cool what you've done to your eyebrows. Have you done it to support the Dems?"

Even in this area, there are very few McCain stickers and other paraphranalia on display. There are some Obama signs up and stickers on vehicles. That's very encouraging. Believe it or not, he has a shot here in this state. Clinton was last to take it.

All we need with the Elvis impersonator is a set with a prison cell and Karl Rove in it. Elvis can sing his "Jailhouse Rock" while Karl breaks it down like nobody's business (smooth dancer).

Thomas said...

Tim, seeing blue eyebrows wouldn't be a shock on a teenager or a twenty-something, but on a woman in her 40's, it was quite a surprise.

Haven't seen any signs yet? Wow. Give it a couple weeks.

The residents of OH, CO, and NM must just be getting blitzed with campaign ads and calls.

You're right about Obama being the first Dem nom in quite some time to get America fired up. In the last 30 years, we've had Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Gore, and Kerry.

BTW, I wasn't always Democratic. The first time I voted in '92, it was for George H.W.

PJ, I'm sure you're correct in Franken being worth seeing. He probably wouldn't tell a lot of jokes, but it'd be cool hearing him speak. If I decide to go, I'll be sure to write about it.

I just looked at Georgia's current polls and like you said, it's closer than one would expect in such a red state (McCain - 50%, Obama - 43.7%)

Yes, I do remember seeing a video of Rove dancing some time ago. That boy should stay well south of the Mason-Dixon line for the rest of his days if he knows what's good for him.

dawnmarie said...

I can't stand Franken. He's a douchebag. There's no one to vote for in that race. Good Lord I hate Franken. I think I'll be writing in my 8th grade social studies teacher.

Thomas said...

I can understand your frustration, Dawn, and I actually think I know why you plan to write in your 8th grade teacher: Because she's good enough, she's smart enough...and doggone it, people like her! :)