Monday, October 27, 2008


Three years ago, my favorite snack to eat (other than Swiss Cake Rolls, that is) were Taco Doritos. They had just enough spice to keep me interested. Some time later, they came out with Salsa Doritos. I tried a few one evening and liked them even more than the taco ones.

A strange thing started happening, however. After ingesting a significant number of them, I experienced a dull pain in my chest. I had no idea what it was, but quickly came to the conclusion that it had to do with my chip consuming. A quick internet search told me that what I'd been feeling was heartburn. After feeling its symptoms one too many times, I realized I had to stop eating them, so back to the much-more-bland-in-comparison Taco Doritos I went.

About nine months later, I was tempted to walk again on the wild side, but found much to my chagrin, that the stores I frequented weren't selling them anymore. As this thread shows, I wasn't the only one who noticed their disappearance (I love his comment that "I would have an orgasm if I were eating them right now").

Check out this commercial for Salsa Doritos from a few years ago:

What I wouldn't give to have a bag right now.


Brian said...

I liked them quite a bit too. Nothing like dipping them in the Jalapeno Cheddar dip. Yummm. The commercial makes me less hungry for them though. :)

Thomas said...

I know where you're coming from in regards to the commercial. An article from Slate called it "vaguely gay". You can read it here:

Timothy Smith said...

I remember always hearing about people with heartburn thinking they were having a heart attack and thinking how silly it was to mistake an upset stomach for a heart attack. Then at age 33 while at my sisters I thought I was suffering from a heart attack!

My sister gave me a zantac and 45 minutes later I felt fine.

Lesson learned I guess, now I understand why so many think they are having a heart attack the first time they have heartburn!

Indian Food gives me wicked heartburn but its worth it once and a while.

I thought you might find this link useful Tom, its for gas prices. It looks like some areas will be under 2 bucks in a month or so.

The economy might suck but maybe I will be able to afford some good old fashion road tripping soon!

Thomas said...

Tim, great story. I know what you mean about heartburn being worth it once in a while. I later found that if I didn't eat as many chips or ate them slower, they wouldn't have such a negative effect on me.

Thanks for the gas buddy link. My tank is totally empty and lookee here, gas is going for $2.34 today. These kinda prices are definitely bringing us closer to being able to justify road trips. Who'd a thunk it?

Sarah said...

I have never had heartburn. Am I missing out? ;)

Stephanie said...

"I have never had heartburn. Am I missing out? ;)"

Ummm, HELL NO!

Unfortunately, I don't drink enough water and drink far too many Cokes to be healthy for a family of five. For this indulgence, I suffer wicked heart burn ALL of the time. Suck but ... heh ... can't give up my Cokes!

I'm a girl that like the old fashioned Doritos. Never a fan of the flavors kind of like Cheetos ... was never a fan of the 'Flamin' Hot'.

I'm an odd one. Guess that makes me unique like everyone else. :-P

Hope you are over your heartburn by now Thomas!


Rocketstar said...

Tums, tums, tums... and enjoy the doritos

Penny Lane said...

Haha so this is where your love for Enrique stems from. I get it now...

Timothy Smith said...

Sarah, maybe you have to give it time. I never had heartburn till I was well in my 30s.

If you do get heartburn I found Tums and the like don't help me much. Zantac does a fantastic job but takes a while to work. I think they have new versions that work quicker but I bought a bottle of 50 zantac several years ago and I am too cheap to upgrade until they are gone!