Friday, October 24, 2008

July 24, 1985 (age 14) - Journal entry

Well, I did it. I'm living with my mom now. Just me and her in downtown Winona. Dad got really mad at me when I didn't want to take the trash out last month. He said he couldn't handle me anymore and asked mom if she would take me in. I would've acted up much sooner if I'd known that it would lead to this. :) I'd be even happier with a girlfriend, but this is nice. I get to see my brothers and sister every weekend, but definitely enjoy the quiet I have during the week. One other good thing is I can watch pretty much anything I want on TV now instead of having to share it with the boys. And mom will make whatever I want for supper!

I also get to go to movies whenever I want. Back to the Future is awesome! I've seen it 7 times already. I love movies about time travel and it's got a lot of laughs and a couple Huey Lewis songs in it. Some other good movies I've been to are European Vacation, Fletch, and The Man With One Red Shoe.

I have a paper route now. It pays about $20 a week, so I always have money in my pocket. I buy a LOT of tapes with my paper route money. I bought Simple Minds new one a few days ago. I also think Duran Duran are pretty gnarly.

I went to the rerelease of Return of the Jedi a few months ago. I hadn't seen it in a couple years, so was excited to see it again. Two guys I know from school, Matt Chester and Matt Struck, were there. I loved the movie for the first hour, but after that it was kinda boring. Weird to think of a Star Wars movie as boring.

Oh, crap. I forgot about one other good thing about living with mom. I don't have to go to the Jehovah's Witness meetings anymore. Dad still wanted me to go to them, but I was able to get out of it. :) I hate dressing up and now I can watch Family Ties and The Cosby Show since my Thursdays are now open. I'll miss seeing a few people from the Hall, but the meetings are so boring! Mom doesn't go to them, either.

I bought Weird Al's new tape a couple weeks ago.

It's got a song on it called I Want a New Duck! Get it?!

I also have a 10-speed bike. It's much faster than my old SkyHawk and doesn't have a banana seat!

I start 9th grade this fall. I'll be able to just walk to school now.

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houstonmacbro said...

OMG!!!! You were a blogger even then! Only difference is the technology changed a bit.

Thanks for the 'way back'

Rocketstar said...

Nice new look for the blog. I love to get the "peaks" into why you are who you are.

Brian said...

Nice! The new look for the blog looks great!

I had a paper route too. Back then, you had to walk around and collect from all the houses. That's the only job I ever got fired from. Noone would pay me and I even caught a few people hiding from me. The newspaper company didn't care if people wouldn't pay, they just wanted their money.

Brian said...

I forgot to mention that the music I always remember listening to when running around delivering papers was the classic Dr. Dre's The Chronic. Memories! I can't really remember my other paper route music for some reason.

disestablishingpuritanism said...

Thomas, Nice makeover on your blog. I love bringing up your old entries. I need to dig around my closet and hopefully, stumble upon some old ones myself. Weird Al was awesome and loved UHF.

Thomas said...

Houston, thanks for reading.

Rocket, Brian, & PJ, thanks for noticing the makeover. The template is based on the one Obama uses for his official website. I also love the look.

Brian, I wrote about my time as a paperboy in a post from last year. You can check it out here:

I also had to collect. What a pain in the keister! The Chronic, huh. A friend of mine has a special place in his heart for it as well.

PJ, "UHF" is fantastic. I love the movie parodies it did ("Gandhi 2, Conan the Librarian") and it gave me my first look at Michael Richards.

Brian said...

Thanks! Reading your paperboy post really brought back some memories! Good (and bad) times. :)

Mags said...

I love when you post these journal entries. Super cute and fun.

Thomas said...

Brian, thought you'd be able to relate to that story.

Thanks, Mags. :)