Monday, October 06, 2008


Since we hear so much these days about the virtues of being a maverick, I thought I’d share the ways in which I fit that description as well. Most people don’t bring earplugs with them to the movies. I do. Most people listen to the radio (either terrestrial or satellite). Not me. Most people are right-handed. I’m not. Neither is McCain, by the way, nor Obama, Bill Clinton, Bush 41, or Reagan. Most people don’t mow their front yard one day and the back the next. Guess who does? Most don’t eat Healthy Choice’s French Bread Supreme Pizza every evening. Most people, especially in my age range, have downloaded at least one song off the internets. Most have had children by my age. Most people only like specific genres of music. Most people don't think Joe Biden’s wife is hotter than Sarah Palin.

Most don’t like Minnesota’s winters. Most people know how to swim. Most people think Keith Olbermann’s a blowhard. Most are afraid of death. Most people like watching TV during the day. Most people like tax cuts. Most need an alarm clock to get up in the morning.

I could go on, but I think I’ve given a significant amount of reasons why I am also a maverick. And if in McCain’s shoes, I would definitely look at Obama while debating him. Perhaps John’s afraid that if he looks too deeply into Barack’s eyes, he’ll fall under his spell and come on over to the left where it’s always sunny and seventy degrees.


Rocketstar said...

maverick schmaverick

Mags said...

This is a most excellent post. :)

Coconut said...

I am also left handed.I guess I can put myself into the maverick category now.

Brian said...

Well, like you I guess I may be a Maverick.

I eat Weight Watchers Pepperoni Pizza every single day for lunch (sometimes HC French Bread Pizza). Mow the yard on opposite days, 31 and no kids and love all music except country (like a little).

You changed your name. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks "Tom"


Timothy Smith said...

I have yet to find a single person who does not support tax increases when they are not the one being taxed and instead will actually get money from the government courtesy of those being taxed.

Tom said...

Rocket, you sound like Sarah (that's a good thing).

Mags, thank you.

Coco, congrads.

Brian, every single day?! Wow, guess I’m not the only one addicted to the stuff. The only musical genre I really can’t stand is Metal, especially Death Metal.

Tim, that is a very good point, but somebody’s taxes gotta go up. I don’t have kids, but all the debt they’ve been saddled with over the past decade makes me sick.

It was incredibly irresponsible of W. to put the Iraq war on credit. If it’s so important to be there, then we should be paying as we go. That’s the way it’s been for all prior conflicts.

Timothy Smith said...

We have always paid as we go for wars? Thats not accurate.

You are right about saddling our children with debt and I have told you before I am ok with tax increases but that should also be met with a reduction in spending. Obama wants to step up Afghanistan and invade Pakistan and his plans for leaving Iraq have been scrapped. His domestic plans far outweigh the tax increases meaning more debt. If reckless spending is bad when Bush does it then it should be just as unacceptable when a Democrat does it, in my opinion.

Only Ron Paul was for truly ending war and restoring the dollar.

My problem with Obama is not the tax increases its the fact he wants to take that money and cut checks to everyone else, even if they don't have the need. That does nothing for the national debt, that's simple wealth redistribution.

Its easy for someone who will get one of those checks to be for it. Would you support paying 2-5K a year in extra taxes YOURSELF with the way this government wastes money and all the earmarks? No? Well now you might understand why others are against seeing their taxes increased.

Its always easier to spend other peoples money especially if you are rewarded with a big fat check.

If you support Obamas big spending plans you cant say you are sick over saddling our kids with debt, you support it just as those that support the war support it. Bush used war to con Americans into debt spending and dems use health care and other issues to accomplish the same thing. Either way they both protect their friends and screw the American people.

We need to stop the wars, freeze all foreign aid and what we do spend should be on infrastructure with a health care plan that covers those that truly need help and reforms the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies.

True...this is not McCains plan, but its not Obamas either. Obamas plan increases the national debt even more then McCains.

If Obama was truly against war and for reduced federal spending I would be fully behind the tax increases. Thats saying something as the tax increases I will actually pay for.

Remember Tom, all the national debt the kids were saddled with before is being paid for by adults now that make good money, the same people you claim to feel for you actually dont, you agree those kids now should pay more. In the future it will be the top 10% that pick up the tab, as always. So the kids you are worried about now will be the adults you hate in the future.

The lower 40% of these "kids" you don't want to saddle with debt you don't have to worry about, they wont be paying it back.

Just something to think about. Americans need to stick together and fight any and all tax increases and fight for lower spending. Spending is the problem, not revenue.

disestablishingpuritanism said...

Is it just me or is Joe Biden's wife more attractive than Sarah Palin? I guess I've always had an attraction for the blondes. I need an alarm clock though. That's a great modern invention, since I fall into a deep sleep each night.

Maybe, McCain will look into Obama's eyes and see into his soul, kinda like Bush with Putin. If McCain did, he might fit that well delivered description you used, "He'll find it's seventy degrees and always sunny." One of the best bumper stickers I saw here was this: "Republicans for Voldemort." There just seems to be a dark cloud that looms over their heads anymore. And thank God for Olbermann. We have CNN and Fox who seem to carry out the Republican talking points. There's one guy who cuts through the what ifs and maybes and just delivers well-thought out opinions BACKED UP WITH FACTS. The CONS just bloviate on a topic with little to no factual accuracy.

Thomas said...

Brian, just noticed that I posted the above comment as "tom" (I musta accidentally logged in under my other username). You're a sharp one, but I'm sure you already knew that. :)

Tim, I know that Obama wants to get more boots in Afghanistan, but he also wants to pull some from Iraq. He has no plans to actually invade Pakistan (what he said was that if he had intelligence on where Osama was, he would not hesitate to strike). You gotta admit that we’ll get out of Iraq sooner with Obama than with McCain.

You’re right, the dollar is really up the creek. I read today about a guy from the U.S. visiting Germany who had to pay twice as much for goods there as he would here and that they wouldn’t take an American credit card unless the amount was for over $60 US (if it was any lower, the merchant would lose money because of transaction fees).

Obama is for more spending, but I feel it to be of a more constructive type (infrastructure, education, health care). Not that I think about it, I really don’t see much purpose in Obama giving tax cuts to 95% of citizens, not after the bailout that was just passed (Obama did say recently that some of his tax plans might have to be changed because of it). Personally, I couldn’t care less for getting a tax cut.

Tell you what, if it turns out that I get a cut next year, I’ll be sure to send it to you. Why? Because I did not ask for it and think it’s fiscally irresponsible. You have won me over, good sir.

I’m also starting to realize why the rich don’t want their taxes raised if it’s just gonna be spent on silly shit like abstinence-only education. I don’t know about freezing all foreign aid, but I’m with you on no more wars (diplomacy all the way) and “reforming” Big Pharma and Insurance.

PJ, love the Voldemort sticker. I’ve read in a couple places that McCain is inclined to blow his top if he looks too closely at Obama. I mean, here’s this kid who’s whooping his behind. He’s a war hero, but is losing to a flaming liberal. It just doesn’t jibe with the way he sees the world. I actually feel somewhat sorry for him in this respect.

Olbermann not only gives me the scoop on what’s going on in the world, but also makes me laugh. Bill O’ does, too, but that’s different. I love Keith’s sense of humor (prime example being his heartfelt rendering of Greg Lowry's gush of Palin that you recently posted).

Timothy Smith said...

Well Tom, I appreciate the offer! But for the good of the country I hope Obama does the math and does not cut 150 million checks for 2200 a year even if that means I get one.

I was against the Bush tax cuts myself. I voted for Gore. When I got my rebate I was puzzled. With so much debt why was I getting a check?

Obama is right to raise taxes but there should be no "tax credits" for the rest of the country. Thats the problem Obama has, you cant cut taxes for those that don't pay any federal tax. Its a handout, those should be reserved for families that need it.

Now if he wants to put a plan in motion to give aid to families that need it that's fine. But what he is doing is more class welfare, not fiscal responsibility and it shows he has no problem increasing the debt.

If he raises taxes and cuts spending to balance the budget I would vote for him. But cutting more of these stupid checks to American families so they feel better about racking up trillions in debt for their kids to pay is ridiculous. And that's what this is, just like Bushs checks. Every time Americans get upset over the wasting of trillions we get thrown a carrot.

Raise taxes, cut foreign aid and end the stupid wars and spend on infrastructure and other domestic spending that has a real benefit for not only us but our kids as well and refrain from the class warfare type statements as attacking American small business will not help American in the long run.

Even if OBL is in Pakistan if we cross the border any more then we already are it makes the global situation worse. OBL is not worth it, vengeance is not the answer. It would be cheaper to pay the Pakistanis another 10 billion to capture and turn him over. Hopefully Barracks charisma can help us achieve some of our security goals without killing.

I do think Obama will do the right thing for some reason, he is not stupid like Bush. If he surrounds himself with a decent cabinet I hope things will start to turn around.

Sarah said...

um, maverick schmaverick?

GoteeMan said...

Great post! I am with you, Biden's wife is way hotter...

J/ (

Thomas said...

Tim, I suppose a bounty on the man would mean less loss of life than bombing the area where our “intelligence” says he is (though with the current value of the dollar, it might need to be raised to 20 billion).

I also agree that vengeance is never the answer.

I’m plenty surprised that you were able to change my mind on the tax cuts. I shudder to think of what you’ll get me to reconsider before Election Day. :P

Timothy Smith said...

I really changed your mind? Like I said before I am all for tax increases if they are tied to responsible spending or deficit reduction.

Sending most America families a check when they did not even pay into the system regardless of need is wealth redistribution and really just a carrot to make us all feel better as the Feds continue to wreck this country for our children. They are playing on Americans greed.

Just as some countries use the US to deflect resentment of their own government we see our government blaming Wall Street and rich Americans when the blame belongs on the feds themselves, both Democrat and Republican.

The Democrats and Republicans de-regulated as a compromise back in 1999. Democrats supported it as it got lower income families into housing they could not afford, Republicans supported it as Wall Street made a killing selling junk securities.

Thats why neither party will regulate the way they should and repeal the laws passed in 1999 that started this mess. It would mean the end of security fixing and many poor would not be able to get into homes. Democrats and Republicans have found some common ground for once, snowing the plebs into thinking WE created this mess.

So instead we will see huge bailouts so both sides can be happy and we all will get little checks in the mail and more scary news about the Middle East.

In the end the actual problem has not even been mentioned by either side as both are guilty and wont fess up to it. Maybe after the election...but I doubt it.

Every American should be against any tax increase until we end this reckless spending just as every American should be against alternative fuels until the feds get serious about conservation.

We cant keep buying into the sound bites and wishful thinking. Its time to get serious and take this country back from the "bad guys".

Hopefully Obama will be that first step.

Thomas said...

Tim, thanks to you, I now believe it would be a mistake to cut anyone’s taxes at this time. As Bush 41 would say, “Wouldn’t be prudent…” I also agree that because of the compromise you mentioned, both parties are to blame for the economy unraveling and fulfilling the prophecies that were foretold two millennia ago. Very interesting how the Feds wanna put much of the blame for this on Joe Schmo.