Thursday, October 09, 2008

I Finally Contributed to Obama's Campaign!

As I strolled through Rochester yesterday afternoon, I came to the conclusion that it was finally time for me to put my money where my mind is and give some moolah to the junior senator from Illinois.

This wasn't totally altruistic on my part, however. I knew I could get a number of Obama-centric paraphanelia if I gave my money to the Democratic Party Office in town.

Having been there several weeks before, I knew exactly where to go (they're conveniently located near Friday's). I parked my car and was not at all surprised to see three cars in a row that had Obama stickers on them. Well, that's exactly why I was there. I wanna be like the cool kids.

I entered the office and right away noticed a great deal more activity than my last visit. There were people in several different rooms doing I'm not sure what, I didn't have time to look closely as the lady with the blue eyebrows asked how she could help me. I wasn't able to see if she still had the colored brows, but I do recall that something on her upper face was blue, if not the brows, then it was blue eye shadow. She is, without question, hardcore. Her blood is probably blue.

While looking over what was available, I noticed a young, well-dressed African-American woman wearing an Obama button on her lapel. She probably thought she'd be very old before seeing someone of color elected President. Now we could be a mere four weeks from seeing MLK's dream turn into reality.

I saw this gigantic Obama-Biden lawn sign that was going for ten bucks, but elected to get the standard one as well as a couple bumper stickers and a button. Total damage: $6.00.

The lady next to me was looking for an Al Franken sign, but all they had was this super-size one. After deliberating for a second or two, she decided to take it and had the smile of a kid on Christmas Day as she left.

On my way home, I passed the Republican Party office. Pretty much every vehicle parked there was an SUV. For some reason, that didn't surprise me at all.

Our next door neighbor is a staunch Republican and mentioned recently that she dislikes election signs. Imagine my satisfaction as I pushed the Obama/Biden one into place last night.

As that guy from "Saw" says, "Let the Game Begin".


Rocketstar said...

Dude, that is awesome. I think i need to do the same as I have been thinking of that for some time now.

This will truly be a momentous occasion come 11/4.

Thomas said...

Rocket, I highly recommend you do so. now shows Colorado as leaning towards Obama, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re a minority for supporting him out there.

I’ve also just received word that Obama is most likely coming to Rochester next Monday (he’s to speak either at the airport or the civic center). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to surmise that I’m gonna do all I can to be there.

Brian said...

Awesome Thomas, though I haven't viewed my opinions on my blog (due to the type of blog), I am 100% voting for Obama.


Coconut said...

Haha, that's awesome. Good work!

disestablishingpuritanism said...

You ran into that same girl again with the blue around her eyes. "She probably bleeds blue." Ha, ha. Oh, it's only fitting you place that Obama-Biden sign in your yard next to your staunch Republican neighbor's house who sounds like a typical busy body. I saw Franken made a huge leap in the latest polls. That Coleman would be a disaster for your state and this country. Damn it, I want the entire map showing blue after Nov. 4.

Thomas said...

Brian, thanks for the info. I was wondering where you stood.

Coco, thank you!

PJ, the Coleman-Franken race is bound to be close, but with a majority of Minnesotans likely to vote for Obama on 11/4 (the latest polls show him with a double digit lead), it's hard not seeing them also voting Democratic for the Senate race.

Timothy Smith said...

Actually the Democrats might even gain filibuster proof senate strength along with Obama. We have not had that since 77-79 (either party).

The parallels don't stop there, at that time we also had energy problems, unemployment and high interest as well.

Lets hope we don't have a repeat of those times though. Last time the country did this we had embargoes, double digit inflation (home loans were at 18%) and double digit inflation.

Here is to hoping Obama can be a force multiplier and take this power and enact balanced policies and prevent history from repeating itself.

I really feel for Obama to be handed the country in such bad shape.

Obama has this election in the bag. Still...just because he has it wrapped up make sure you go out and vote!

Very historic moment is just around the corner!

Thomas said...

Tim, right now the odds of the Democrats getting a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate are 1 in 4, so it probably won't happen, but it is nice to dream.

I also hope that Obama is able to propose policies that will work for all.

You alluded to something that can happen when elections start to favor one candidate over the other. Those of the party who are polling more strongly can have the tendency to feel that with a double-digit lead, one need not vote, to feel that others will ensure that it happens. But if enough others feel this way, there might not be enough votes for the favored one to win. Probably won't happen in this case, though. People want to be sure the right (left) choice is made.

If Obama is elected, I wonder who'll be performing at his Inauguration. Springsteen, Kanye, Katy Perry?

Rachel said...

Obama's Minneapolis office is about a block from my workplace. I really need to get over there sometime.

Timothy Smith said...

You can dream? I have had enough of one party having too much control, it has never worked well for America.

I do hope it happens only so Americans learn the lesson they did in the late 70s.

houstonmacbro said...

LMAO at the election sign neighbor comment, and the SUVs. Yeah, and has anyone noticed how white the audiences are at Republican rallies?

Like where are all the Hispanic and black folks for McCain? Wait ... I mean, seriously.


Sarah said...

i was *this close* to making a donation online the other day for a magnetic "sticker" for my auto. but i was a bit cash poor and also realized my vehicle is 97% plastic.

either way, the O man is getting my vote next month and that, folks, is priceless.

Timothy Smith said...

You could get Obama stickers and tape them inside the back window.

Tom, you should get one of those monster signs, the ones that need two poles, one for each side!

We use to have one of those at a vacant lot when we were kids and we would burst through it before our football games like we were playing the superbowl! I think it was a Tim Penny sign.

If you can get some pics of Obama at the rally I hope you post some here, that would be so exciting to be part of history. I don't think Obama has too many stops planned for Arizona...

If he did I would go if possible. I think I am voting for Ron Paul or maybe my deceased dog as a write in. I realize both have the same chance of winning.

Thomas said...

Rachel, go for it. Time is running out.

Tim, I've heard this bedtime story, but you're probably right. Then again, you gotta admit the late 70's had a lot of kick-ass music to keep us up during the downturn. Today...not so much.

Houston, yeah, you've gotta laugh. Republican rallies are quite a sad affair these days. Check it out:

Sarah, I'm with Tim. Just put the sticker on the inside of your car. That's what I did yesterday with the Obama bumper sticker I bought. Don't wanna ruin da paint job.

Tim, I saw those monster signs yesterday. In fact, seeing one of them is what led me to go to the Dem office in the first place.

Ah, yes. Tim Penny, those were the days.

Turns out that Michelle is the Obama who will be at the rally. Not sure if I'm going yet, but if I do, I'll definitely take some pics.

Good to hear your vote is going to Paul now instead of McCain.

Timothy Smith said...

Well since the balance is not going to happen which is my prime motivator I decided to vote for the candidate who's policies make the most sense to me. President Palin also scares the crap out of me. You know its bad when you would prefer Bush over a candidate.

Paul is the most serious about ending the wars and has real plans to reform our govt institutions. I just have to get my mind around the "wasted vote" feeling. But being an independent I guess I should practice what I preach and vote for the man I feel is best able to fix the nations problems.

I don't think that's Obama but its certainly not McCain. Maybe a part of me is excited for Obama and does not want to stand in his way? Who knows. I still believe he will surprise me, he has tremendous leadership skills and is a great listener. Watching him "flip-flop" has given me faith as I see that as being open minded and willing to change policy when things change. Its funny how we punish leaders for changing their minds or admitting when they are wrong. We should celebrate that and I give Obama props for making those statements. Biden also impressed me.

Maybe I am wrong and this partisan stuff is a good thing. It took the repubs having this power to get the dems to get their act together and maybe a crushing defeat this year will pave the way for normal republicans to get control of their party back.

I hear ya on the 70s music, its my favorite as well.

Sarah said...

tape?! on my precious? no thanks. i can't do it. not even for obama.

Thomas said...

Tim, it pains me to say this, but you're right. Bush runs circles around the Pale one.

It can't be an easy thing, voting for a candidate who you know isn't going to win, but you gotta vote your heart.

I also agree on there being no need to be harsh on candidates who adjust their policies based on new information. That's what I like to call learnin'.

The Republican party is in shambles at the moment and I also hope they take a very careful look at themselves and what exactly it is they stand for over the next couple of years.

Sarah, I didn't use tape myself. Just put the front of the sticker against my back window.

Timothy Smith said...

Its too bad they don't make Obama stickers made of that slightly clingy plastic stuff that peels right off.

Incognito said...

I have never in my life donated to a political party, but you have inspired me to donate to the McCain/Palin campaign!


Thomas said...

Incognito, as Sarah Palin would say, *wink*.