Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Airport Security

I went on vacation last week which is why I took a break from blogging. Here's the first of several notable things I experienced while out of town:

Upon our arrival at the Minneapolis airport, we checked our baggage and headed through security. Just after I went through the checkpoint, the TSA representative said he'd been afraid my belt was gonna set off the alarm, but it just missed doing so. My wife wasn't so lucky: she was wearing a pair of jeans that had a couple small metal rings on them. The TSA dude padded her down, but since the mechanism was still going off, he asked her if she could take the heavy sweatshirt she was wearing off. My beloved replied, "I'm not wearing anything underneath this". I was sitting down tying my shoes as I observed this and couldn't help chuckling a bit. They ended up letting her through without having to disrobe. A moment later, she cursed under her breath at the perceived offense.


Brian said...

Haha, good old TSA. I hate taking my belt off since at times my butt doesn't keep them up. And there is no way I'm going to start wearing the tight wranglers. Not going to happen.

I get to fly to Maryland on Friday, so I guess I'll get to deal with good old happy TSA folks. :)

Rachel said...

When I flew home for Christmas, they made me take off my hooded sweatshirt because they could see the collar of my t-shirt underneath. I was unimpressed.

Rocketstar said...

I wish they woudl start using INTELLIGENT profiling. LOL

Anonymous said...

My french friend went through culture shock going through security just to go on a ferry ride. I think she set off the metal detector three times!

Charlotte said...

That happened elsewhere, where they asked the woman to take it off anyway, and she was just in her bra. She sued, and made a nice bit of money. :)

Thomas said...

Brian, the Wranglers may be tight, but I'm sure if you wore them, you'd get a number of looks from not a few women.

Rachel, that's messed up.

Rocket, that would be grand.

Sil, it's all a bit ridiculous, innit?

Charlotte, that was my wife's situation. She just had a brassiere underneath which is most certainly why they didn't pursue the matter.

Eric Curtis said...

I haven't flown since 9/11, so these stories always interest me. Seems like getting to the airport early and all the scrutiny would be a major pain in the ass. But I guess it beats the alternative...

Timothy Smith said...

Shortly after 911 I found myself in New Mexico without a ride back home (friends changed plans). The good news was SouthWest flies to Phoenix on the hour so I knew I would get a seat.

I was told later I tripped all the flags and looking back I guess I was not thinking.

1) No reservation
2) No luggage
3) PAID IN CASH! (dont ever do this, I think this was the biggy)
4) One way
5) Looked about as rough as I can, long long weekend with no shower

I was searched twice, pants off for one of them! (no anal probing though).

houstonmacbro said...

What??! You mean they haven't yet installed that airport x-ray thingy that sees through your clothes yet?

Thomas said...

Eric, you've not been on a flight for more than seven years? Consider yourself a very lucky man.

Tim, that is a doozy. No luggage and paying in cash is a definite no-no. I wonder if any of the female passersby lingered when they saw you sans pants.

Houston, we got a few years yet on that one (unless you're traveling to D.C.)