Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Telling Dream

I had a dream last night that revealed a great truth about me. I was dining in a two-story restaurant with friends and family. A picture of my sister was on page 2 of the local newspaper which had many excited. I chuckled at a commercial on the TV for Sacha Baron Cohen's new comedy disc (something to do with magnets). At one point before we received our food, I lowered the table we were seated at from the second floor to the first. People started looking at me. I was joking around a bit at our table before feeling the grasp of a woman's hand on my arm. What follows is our conversation:

Woman: "Why are you doing this? People are watching".

Me: "I don't care what people think of me".

Woman: "Well, I do".

Me: "Why?"

After a pause, she strode away.


Eric Curtis said...

The restaurant having two stories clearly tells me that you are living a double life either as a waiter or international spy.

Also, you forgot to mention the most important part of the dream. When the woman walked away, did she have a nice butt?

disestablishingpuritanism said...

Dreams have always fascinated me. They've inspired my creativity on countless occasions. From my basic knowledge that I've read up on them, the neurons react to your mood throughout the day. So, you might've been stressed, ecstatic, etc. Dreams react to those emotions and present you with something similar to that feeling.

Rocketstar said...

So, what did it tell?

Thomas said...

Eric, I'm not even sure she HAD a butt. You know how dreams are...

PJ, thanks for posting. I'd forgotten that dreams are often a reflection of what has transpired in our lives during the day.

Rocket, do I need to hit you over the head with a baseball bat? The dream means that I think Sacha Baron Cohen "Borat" is funny no matter what he does. Think about it: He had a CD coming out about magnets and I was chuckling about it. WTF? Magnets?

Seriously, I have to agree with my dream self that I rarely give a hoot what others think of me and am somewhat mystified why others don't feel the same. To be totally authentic, to speak your truth without worrying about the consequences, that, my friend, is true freedom.

Eric Curtis said...

You're right. Dreams are strange things that usually have peices missing. Asking if she had a nice butt was unfair of me.

But you did talk to her face to face, so how was her rack? ;P

Melvin Udall said...

You dream of butt-less women?? :-O

Brian said...

I remember going to sleep with earphones in, listening to the Doors as I fell asleep. The Dream consisted of me and Jim Morrison walking over the mountain top and I carried his peace pipe for him, while he walked and sang Riders on the Storm. For some reason, this seemed normal to me in my dream. Dreams are funny.

Thomas said...

Eric, great comeback. You oughta be a writer for Leno.

Melvin, you just gave me the first laugh of the day that wasn't self-generated. I thank you for that.

Brian, didn't something like that happen to Mike Myers in "Wayne's World 2"?

Brian said...

Haha, probably. I haven't seen Wayne's World in so many years, I can't really remember.