Saturday, January 03, 2009

Wine and Spirits

A couple weeks ago, while waiting to pick a friend up, I spent about 20 minutes parked in front of a liquor store. Despite the temperature being 22 degrees (and much colder with the wind chill), quite a few people entered the business to obtain some "spirits". They typically went in with an intent look on their face. As they exited a few minutes later, I noticed they appeared a bit more relaxed. In my mind, they were thinking one of two things: "One less errand to worry about" or "In 60 minutes, I'll be partying like there's no tomorrow".

One conclusion I reached is that those 24-packs look pretty heavy. If I was a regular boozer, I'd get, like, 200 cans so that I wouldn't have to keep going back every week for reinforcements. One of the reasons I don't drink beer is because having to urinate every 45 minutes just doesn't justify the buzz I would get from it. Maybe if I could just get the alcohol without all the barley and shit.

There's a reason why straight alcohol doesn't taste good: because it's not good for you. I'm of the belief that years of alcohol use leads to one gradually becoming, well, less smart. If you go to a bar, what is the average IQ, I wonder.

And if it's low, is it because the people were less smart to begin with or did the use of booze lead to a steady decline in smarts? Perhaps this view is rubbish, but the body sure doesn't seem to like having booze in it: as alcohol acts upon one's brain, the body is furiously working to remove it.

A decade ago, I worked with three developmentally disabled chaps who, when given a can of O'Doul's, started acting drunk within ten minutes of their first sip. This makes me wonder: if you gave people in a bar non-alcoholic drinks that smelled like alcohol, would the power of suggestion make them think they were drinking the real thing?


Sarah said...

mmmm, beer! wait, what?

Anonymous said...

Placebo effects can be very strong.

Rocketstar said...

Alcohol is truely poison, unfortunately.

Timothy Smith said...

Alcohol kicks ass, in moderation of course (as much as possible)

Melvin Udall said...

A few Christmases ago we went out for a meal and were joined by the younger daughter of some friends of ours. She had not long celebrated her 14th Birthday and, as she was the only youngster there, she felt decidedly left out while most of the adults were drinking alcohol. I happened to notice on the menu they served a non-alcoholic cocktail and so we ordered a few for her not letting on there was no alcohol in it.

It seemed like fun at the time, however, it was not so funny later, when heading home, I drew the short straw and had to carry the "drunken" teenager back to the car!!

We still tease her about it to this day.

Charlotte said...

It's not as bad as pot, but still pretty bad. I can only handle feeling stupid a couple times a month LOL!

Timothy Smith said...

Weed is almost harmless compare to booze and smokes.