Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Think Fast

Continuing my observations of Eckhart Tolle's newest book, he writes that "most people are so distracted by their thoughts, so identified with the voices in their heads" that they'll do virtually anything to get away from them. Some such activities include drug-induced highs, sensory overstimulation such as excessively loud music, thrills or dangerous activities, or an obsession with sex.

I think one of the reasons I like movies so much is because they get me out of my head. In fact, I get a bit PO'd when they don't. A couple weeks ago, I went to "The Lovely Bones" and was distracted about 20 minutes into it by thoughts of errands I needed to run. While a part of me was obsessing, another was saying, "Shut up. I'm trying to watch a movie."

In my recent post on pleasures, Randy commented that "I need to veg out at the end of the day and will watch lousy sitcoms so that I don't have to think". Now there's a guy who understands why he does what he does. Could it be that we enjoy the things we do, not necessarily because of what they give us, but what they give us a break from?


Extra Ordinary Me said...

Yes! Blog surfing does that for me. :-)

Rocketstar said...

uuhhh........ yeah. I need to alter my state of mind from time to time to go on living. ;o)

Escapism, everyone needs it, the trick is finding a healthy way, like you, watching movies and not sticking a needle in your veins.

Get me out of reality so I can come back and deal with reality and I don't have any huge problems and I need it so I can not imagine if I created a life with a lot of problems with myself. I always stayed on the beatne path as it holds less stress and problems. I never understood those people that CHOSE the rocky path, give me the paved path all day long.

Timothy Smith said...

Thats why the idea of Heaven is so offensive. You do not appreciate being able to relax if you always are relaxed. Same thing for being happy or excited. Too much of a good thing is bad. After a while you lose an appreciation for the good things if thats all you have.

Its always good to disconnect and I agree Tom, movies are wonderful for that.

But if all you do is watch movies with nothing else going on they would not have the same "relief" factor.

Then again I do not have a problem with people drinking or smoking pot to wind down either, used in moderation of course. I know its politically correct to say those people are weak compare to those that get their "fix" at the pharmacy but I don't buy into that.

Thomas said...

Extra, I enjoy that one as well. I post my own thoughts here and then visit others' sites to hear theirs.

Rocket, I also prefer "paved roads". You're right in that many seem to enjoy the drama of going down a more beaten path. I'm reminded of a 90's country song called "The Dirt Road" in which Sawyer Brown opines:

I'll take the dirt road, it's all I know
I've been a'walking it for years
It's gone where I need to go
It ain't easy, it ain't supposed to be
So I'll take my time
And life won't pass me by
'Cause it's right there to find, on the dirt road

Tim, great point about heaven which is why I believe when we've had enough of bliss on the other side, we're free to return here for shits and giggles (for many, it's mostly the former). Floating forever on the clouds is for the birds.

I'm fine with people drinking though I don't believe the body was meant to intake it (hangovers are proof of this). There's no question pot should be legal.

Timothy Smith said...

Well the body was not meant to take on the Cakester either but you comsume in moderation. We all know what happens to people that consume refined sugars and fats without moderation...it kills them.

Hangovers, at least the headache part people complain about is due to dehydration. In fact one drink a day may be benificial especially red wine. Moderation again is key, when you mess with that the body gives you a much clearer sign that booze is poison, you puke! But some people, like myself would puke if I ate two cakesters at once (easy to do as they are GREEEAT!) for he same reason. Body knows more then I do, get it out!

I agree on heaven Tom, if there is one I would immedialy want to come back here and deal with fear, stress, love, compassion and I myself would once again take the rocky road. When life gets too easy I become bored. Thats why I recently turned my life upside down to give me something to fix and work myself out of.

For me there is no point being alive if I am not going to live.

Thomas said...

You're right about the mighty Cakester. My cholesterol would almost certainly be less without it.

I'd consume a drink once in a while myself if the alcohol in it didn't intrude on the taste so much. Course I don't like the taste of V-8, either, but try to drink one every couple days.

You'd IMMEDIATELY come back? Damn, you're certainly more ambitious than most.

Timothy Smith said...

I might stay to check it out at least but if its 100% happy and perfect at all times I would become bored and ask to go back.

disestablishingpuritanism said...

Go blank. I tend to overstimulate aside from sexy time myself. Thoughts of what's going on in the world, relationships, etc. This is why if my couch would talk it would say, "Can I have some alone time." "No. You're mine. All mine," I would respond.

Hell, watch Olbermann. He's good for laughs. WWE Monday Night Raw for all its parodies and a few great characters who throw out some witty banter. Shows on TruTV like that one with fat people who work as Repos. "Lost" just has me think more and drives me crazy. Some episodes, I'm more confused after thrown for a few twists and turns. Still can't wait for Tuesday.

Narkissos said...

well not exactly escapism, it's more like a virtual getaway.....

movies, books, blogging, fbing, pots, drinking even walking or running........
talking about rocky path.....perhaps those who chose to be on that path got problems beyond their control......

heaven actually seems like a friggin boring place......you get every thing there without asking.....when you don't have no need, no want, no emotions.....isn't that called death?

Thomas said...

Tim, that is completely understandable.

PJ, I've not watched Olbermann in some time. One of the reasons could be its constant focus on Republicans and their mind-set. I'd rather it concentrate on the things really going on in the world, not the latest us vs. them controversy. Fat people working as Repos sounds interesting, though.

I'm also eagerly looking forward to Lost. If you're confused by any of the episodes to come, go to Entertainment Weekly's TV Watch the day after the latest ep and a guy named Doc Jensen explains what's going on. It's a can't-miss if you're a fan of the show.

Fay, I know what you're saying about people having problems that appear to be out of their control. The key is to accept all of it and move on from there. And, yes, too much of anything will inevitably lead to boredom. In the 90's, I read a spiritual work that said "Sameness is stultifying". Course, that's what leads to cheating. Right, Donchy? :P

Narkissos said...

hahaha.........very cute tom....lol
and good point.......:)
"there's only one way to go when you're up too high you've gotta come down.....and there's only one way of saying the word goodbye you've gotta come down.....you've gotta be sure you're not throwing your life away.......you know I can say you'll regret it someday......."