Thursday, February 19, 2009

Come To Your Senses

While accompanying a friend of mine last Sunday night to a screening of "Friday the 13th" (don't worry, he paid my way since there's no way in hell I'd pay a dime to see such nonsense), I began to think about pleasure, no, not like that, you dirty devils. Well, kinda.

When one goes out on the weekend, it's almost always to have some fun. Going out to eat is a good one, something that pleases the taste buds. Movies are fine though they only really stimulate the eyes and ears (smell a bit if you like popcorn). Some have boos which actually deadens the senses instead of utilizing them. Sex is a popular one, not least because it makes use of all 5 senses (unless you don't like oral). When I went to the retreat in Oregon, the main thing being stimulated was my mind.

One of my favorite sensual activities is getting a massage. The sense of touch isn't one that's typically addressed while one is out in public unless you go to a spa or like disco dancing. I think I'd enjoy going in a sensory deprivation tank one day.

It'd be interesting to see if I could stick with it or if I'd be dying for some kind of stimulus, some kind of distraction that would keep me from truly knowing myself. What about you, my faithful readers? Could you stand to be alone with just your thoughts?


Rocketstar said...

I'm telling you Thomas, "alone with your thoughts", you have ato check out Solitary 3.0 (you can view episodes for free online at FOX Reality.

I have never recieved a massage. I even recieved a gift certificate once and never used it. A stranger touching me like that... I guess if it was a female and she was hot, but what if MR Johnson wakes up, how embarassing that must be. Maybe if I get a happy ending..

has Mr johnson ever emabrassed you like that?

Thomas said...

Rocket, I have watched the first few eps of Solitary season 1 online. Good stuff. I plan to get back to it in the near future.

Never received a massage before? Damn. I had my first about 15 years ago. I've not really had a problem with getting excited. Don't you think it'd be even worse if you got aroused at the touch of a male masseuse?

That reminds me. Check out this 4-minute vid of a Russian journalist getting a rubdown:

Dämmerung Anblick said...

Thomas. You obviously haven't seen Borat. If you liked that video, go out and rent it.

As for sensory deprivation, that is actually something that I've been considering. The thought of going into a chamber that is free of the effects of gravity on the skeleton as well as the noise that seems to be everywhere these days, it just sounds like a welcome relief.

Randy said...

The wife & I went to a couples massage a few years ago. Someone had suggested it and it seemed like a good anniversary present. My wife had been to massages before and she liked them.

Anyway, we went, two gals did the work. We were basically on tables near each other, so I was chaperoned.

While it felt good and was relaxing, I found it boring. After about 30 minutes, I heard them laughing at me because I was snoring.

No way, I would pay for that again. Not sure I would go if someone gave it to me as a gift.

Timothy Smith said...

Thats what a wife and/or girlfriend is for, lol.

If the massage gets out of hand and leads to sex its all good!

Mags said...

No way I could be in the sensory deprivation thingy. Even when I am getting a massage my mind is going and I'm wondering what I'm going to do next. And being that I've been in my own sensory deprivation tank (my apartment) for the last 2 months and I'm going nuts...I'll pass.

Brian said...

I think I'd dig the sensory tank. I've only had one massage before and it was free at a conference. I would never let a man give me a massage. It would have to be a woman, but I can't say I'm really into massages. Unless it's your woman, when it's more sensual.

I've always kinda had the fear that Rocketstar has too. If the girl is attractive and she gets close to the area, it's up in the air & control is lost. If he goes up, it's embarrassing and I run the risk of being attacked with a Happy Ending. Since I'm married, it's better just to stay away from that possibility. :)