Monday, February 02, 2009

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial


Sarah said...

that was a good one! i think my fave was the doritos/crystal ball.

Sherry said...

I didn't watch the superbowl, but this commercial cracked Joe and me up!

Timothy Smith said...

I liked the go-daddy and the boobage.

Brian said...

I liked the Doritos commercial as well. This one was funny too though.

disestablishingpuritanism said...

Right now, I'm not the biggest fan of our companies and corporations. I own stock in Pepsi (also controls Frito Lay, KFC, and Taco Bell) and usually the stock does well during this time. I realize this is also important for companies to persuade viewers to pump money into their products.

I turned the channel to watch Puppy Bowl V and The Kitty Halftime Show every time the game went to commercial breaks. How about that game? It wasn't the outcome I wanted once again, but both teams played extremely well. The last two years have produced great finishes. I blamed Ryan Seacrest for last year's huge disappointment. Don't ask me why. He was just everywhere and wouldn't go away. I saw him as a bad omen. Oh hey, it's Ryan f***ing Seacrest again.

There was a streaker on the Puppy Bowl that Robin and I collectively referred to as personifying a redneck. We didn't see it, but after watching The Rachel Maddow show, I remembered seeing that dog. Also, the Comcast subscribers in Tuscon had their Larry Fitzgerald TD celebration cut off for a little Porn.

I'll have to watch your favorite commercial now. The Boss and his band still hit all the right notes. But, it didn't have that same energy U2 and Prince delivered in recent Super Bowl halftime performances.

Thomas said...

Sarah, Tim, & Brian, those were good ones as well.

Sherry, that's great to hear!

PJ, I also watched some of the Puppy Bowl - Kitty Halftime Show. Good stuff.

The game was incredible, much more closely contested and intense than I'd been expecting. I'm not a fan of Seacrest, either, and I've only ever watched one ep of "Idol"!

Tim told me about the Tucson porn. It's Comcastic!! :P I also agree that Bruce was good, but nothing compared to Prince's performance in Miami.