Friday, February 06, 2009

Special Offer For My Closest Friends

As regular readers of this weblog know, my favorite restaurant is Friday's.

I go there about twice a week these days, usually once on Tuesdays since they have a Buy 1 Burger, Get One Free special and then again sometime during the weekend. I'm a member of their GiveMeMoreStripes program in which for every $100 I spend there, I get a coupon for $8 off my next visit (I've gotten at least 8 of these coupons in the last year).

Last week, Friday's sent me a Buy 1 Entree', Get One Free offer. I used it last weekend, but it's actually not a one-time thing. It says "Spread The Joy! Send this coupon to your co-workers, friends, & family. Send it to everyone you know so they can use it over and over again until March 1, 2009!" Full disclosure: the coupon is not valid on Valentine's Day.

So, dear readers, if any of you are interested in obtaining said offer, leave a note in the comments or send me an email and it will be on its way. Maybe I can get a couple of you as hooked on the place as I am.


Rocketstar said...

Thanks Thomas, I'll take one! Anything to save a buck these days.

Sarah said...

our fridays went out of business. probably because thomas doesn't live in SF.

Brian said...

I love Fridays too. Every Friday for the wife and I is Basil day. It's a small little shop that makes the best home-made calzones ever! This guy should be rich with his food and recipes, but instead he struggles to get business.

Good stuff with the coupon. Here's some more coupons for various food establishments, in case you ever get tired of Fridays.

Timothy Smith said...

You should try and get a job with Fridays. If they have half price meals for employees you could clean up!

We hit the mom and pops mostly down here.

disestablishingpuritanism said...

When I was in my early 20s and single, I used to hang out at Fridays with friends. I'm one of those very picky eaters. My meal of choice was the chicken fingers and french fries. The last few times I went there, the portions seemed to dwindle like Ruby Tuesdays.

Fridays used to have some pretty sweet deals on drafts and bottled beers. Combine that with a change to burger and fries to take you up on that deal, I might have to mosey on back there again. We have so many restaurants here to choose from. My favorites are O'Charleys, Miyabi, and a local restaurnat that serves seafood and best chicken fingers and burgers, Rhineharts.

It seems the most down-to-earth people go to Fridays. That's another thing to consider. This was something I used to enjoy when going there.

Thomas said...

Rocket, it has been sent.

Sarah, bummer city.

Brian, it's too bad more people don't know how good his 'zones are. Thanks for the coups.

Tim, that's actually not a bad idea, but I think the 20 months I spent at Sammys in the early 90's is all the restaurant work I'll do in my lifetime.

PJ, my meal of choice is also the chicken fingers and fries. My second fave is the burger and fries, but I rarely order it. Feels good not to be eating burgers as much. Less red meat is a good thing and good for the environment.

Sorry about the dwindling portions. When I order the fingers, they give me 5, but I only eat 3. Give me your email address and I can pass along the coupon.