Tuesday, March 10, 2009

20-Year High School Reunion

This summer, my high school class is having its 20-year reunion. We've had just one before; 5 years ago (our 15th). Though I wasn't popular by any means in high school, I went half a decade ago to see how my compatriots looked and in a way, to go back to all those years ago. My wife came along with me. There were 300+ in our class and about 1/3rd showed up for the reunion.

A number of people said hi to me as we all sat down and ate a dinner that we had chosen beforehand. Something quite interesting, though not surprising occurred after dinner: everyone seemed to gravitate to the cliques they'd been in in high school. The dirtballs went outside and smoked, the jocks stood and talked to the pretty ladies while consuming not inconsiderable amounts of alcohol.

There were a few girls who were somewhat interested in me in my high school days and it was nice to see them again. Though a bit older, we really weren't all that removed from those formative days. The music (80's, naturally) grew too loud for my tastes and after talking to a guy who was considered a nerd in high school (and surely still is today), we headed out.

I'm somewhat mixed on going back this summer. If it's gonna be like it was in '04, then I don't really want a part of it. On the other hand, my best friend from high school is greatly looking forward to going as he missed the last one. I think it might be better if I go sans wife this time (most of the others didn't have their spouses with them).

I have something quite funny in mind if I do go. On most days in high school, I wore my navy blue Members Only jacket. I didn't just wear it to school; I wore it throughout every class (except PhyEd, of course). There was a pic taken of the entire senior class in front of the school shortly before we graduated and I can be seen wearing said jacket.

I'm sure you know where this is headed. Wouldn't it be grand if I wore one of the newfangled Members jackets I purchased last summer to the reunion? And not just wore it as I entered, but throughout the entire time I was there. Here is the specific jacket I would wear if I decide to go through with it:


Rocketstar said...

I'm with you, I went to 15 year reunion and that was enough for me. The only think I have in common with those people is high scholl, that's it.

I would say "no' to the MO jacket man, don't do it. I had a red one back inthe day but at this point, ixnay on the MO jacket.

Timothy Smith said...

I thought about going Tom. I doubt I can make it but would be nice to see a few people including yourself.

Sarah said...

i like the new MO jackets. of course i think that guy modeling them could pull off nearly anything.

high school reunions are laaaaame. i attended mine on accident [long story - maybe i'll post it] and the only way to cope was to drink copious amounts of wine.

Timothy Smith said...

After hearing so many people say reunions suck maybe I should just skip it.

There are about 5 people I would not mind seeing though.

Tom, watching Religulous tonight and "W" tomorrow. After that I added the movies you told me about so I will have those before the weekend if I get these in the mail by Thursday.

Thomas said...

Rocket, I'm leaning against going at the moment (with or without jacket).

Tim, that would be cool, but hey, times are tough. Enjoy all the movies; Religulous is quite amusing. Hope you find the rest of my picks satisfactory.

Sarah, good to hear that at least one of the ladies doesn't think the jackets are a monstrosity.

Timothy Smith said...

My wife is expecting and we lost our last one due to complications so that more than anything will prevent me from going. I would hate for something to happen and be away from my wife or both of us to be away from our doctor here in Phoenix.

Maybe we will be less "scared" as we approach June.