Thursday, March 05, 2009

My 7 Favorite TV Shows

7. Real Time with Bill Maher - HBO - Bill states truths that most others are afraid to (and in a very amusing way).

6. Survivor - CBS - after watching the first dozen seasons, I grew tired of the formula, but am glad I gave this new season a try. The Amazing Race is still worlds better in my mind.

5. Ghost Hunters - SciFi - I've mentioned this program a couple times in the past few months, most notably here.

4. Lost - ABC - It's not the easiest show to follow (I frequently go to the day after a new ep airs to gain clarity on how what transpired fits into the grand scheme), but with next year being its last season, it won't be long before all my answers are revealed.

3. The Office - NBC - the only sitcom I watch (other than 30 Rock, from time to time).

2. Big Love - HBO - it's incredible how sympathetic one becomes to Bill Paxton's character, a man who has three wives (living under three roofs on the same block).

1. The Amazing Race - CBS - the 5-time Emmy winner for Best Reality Show deserves every kudo it receives. Watch this season's first three eps here. Here's a cheesy sample.


Rocketstar said...

We share 6,7 and 1.

disestablishingpuritanism said...

By far, Lost and Real Time are my favorites off your list. J.J. Abrams said in an interview he isn't exactly sure how to fully interpret the events as they unfold at times. My interpretation for the premise of this show is this: We have to move beyond those moments we lose ourselves in. I think that's essentially the purity the island offers and how the characters care for one another more and more through the obstacles they've had to endure. I think characters like Ben and Penolope's father are tainting the island's works.

Bill Maher has struck some chords with me, particularly saying what I've felt all along: We need to fully withdraw out of the Middle East. This is where Obama has taken a middle of the road position that I don't think will ultimately lead to success. If the U.N. or NATO is on board, then let's work together with them with a limited presence. Otherwise, our presence just continually seems to perpetuate problems over there.

Religulous was hilarious. The guy in Amsterdam who smoked pot to get closer to God was one of my favorite moments in the film. Bill presented some great examples throughout it on how religions divide us. I guess this is why I consider myself a spiritual person who practices faith but avoids the dogmas that come with it.

dmh said...

I hate "reality" television, and didn't watch LOST originally because I thought it was reality. I've since started watching it ( during season 2, I wasn't that far behind) and now it's the only show I watch week after week.

I don't watch the rest of the shows on your list, though I'd check out Big Love just for Bill Paxton if we had cable.

Thomas said...

Rocket, CBS really does have the best reality shows on the air and they've been on forever (Survivor since '00, Race since '01).

PJ, I like your analysis of Lost. I'm also with you on withdrawing from the Middle East. On Bill's last show, it was mentioned that if we withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban will resume the operation of terrorist training camps. Bill basically said, "So what? We're spending billions to stop some Middle Easterners from screwing around on the monkey bars?"

Better to have good diplomatic relations with as many countries as possible and superior intelligence than to try to stop things that most likely won't be our downfall in the long run.

I'm also in total agreement with you on Religulous. One of the craziest bits is that guy who invented contraptions so that Orthodox Jews wouldn't have to do any "work" on the Sabbath. Talk about ridiculous.

DMH, you really should give Race a try. And Netflixing Big Love is a good way to catch up on the show.

Timothy Smith said...

I have a hard time following TV shows even with Tivo which is lame.

I do have Real Time on Tivo and will have to add Race as I watched part of a season years ago and I did enjoy it.

dmh said...

No netflix either :) We're poor.

Brian said...

Solid list. My favorites are based purely on entertainment and the level of enjoyment I have for them. Yes, Bad Girls Club is number 1 right now. :) It's crazy and full of drama and entertainment.

7. Real World
6. Heroes
5. Survivor
4. Amazing Race
3. Friday Night Lights
2. The Office
1. Bad Girls Club