Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm a Dollar Menuaire!

Yesterday afternoon, I went out for a late lunch with a friend of mine. Under normal circumstances, we'd go to Burger King, but my bud suggested we hit McDonald's since it's more conveniently located. I was a bit apprehensive since I haven't been big on their stuff since the late 90's, but figured, what the hell.

We met there and he mentioned that he didn't want to have too much to eat as he still wanted to have room for supper that evening with his gal. We both chose items off the dollar menu. I chose a regular hamburger, a small fry, and an orange. As I sat down and looked at my food, I realized that it was exactly what I ate at Mickey's as a child. I never liked cheeseburgers, so always had a hamburger and all the fries they served back then were small ones. I felt a surge of nostalgia as I consumed the "food".

My parents frequently took us to McDonalds as kids. On one notable day shortly after the introduction of the Chicken Nugget, my father went up to the cashier and asked for "some chicken nuts". I specifically remember this commercial from 1982:

In the mid 90's, my first girlfriend and I would walk to the local Mickey's every week or two. She would eat her meal while I looked over the day's paper. I'm not sure what made me stick my nose up at it a number of years ago; probably just got tired of it. After going there a few hours ago, I think I've been a bit too hard on the place. I plan to go there a couple times a month for the forseeable future. I know it's not really good for me, but getting a hamburger and small fry isn't near as bad as those who opt for a BigMac and large fry (even if they do order a Diet Coke).


Anonymous said...

One of my guilty pleasures is the chicken nuggets.

Rocketstar said...

McDonalds food is like a drug, I can't get enough (although I don't eat it alot, maybe 1-2 a month)

Timothy Smith said...

After reading Fast Food Nation I have never ate there since. We have In-and-Out Burger down here and they don't use heat lamps, microwaves or freezers. They pay their employees a living wage (10+ to start) and their menu has not changed since 1947. You can even see them cutting fries from actual potatoes!

After discovering In-and-Out we gave Mickeys the heave ho.

Its not so much that its bad for you, lots of food is bad for you but I no longer consider McDs food.

Even McDs admits a single hamburger patty may contain the meat from 300-1000 different cows from all over the world.

Its all just too processed for me.

houstonmacbro said...

I'm not much on McDonald's but I do like their premium chicken sandwich and their chocolate shakes (lately though here in Houston, it seems all the shake machines are permanently non-functioning).