Saturday, June 27, 2009

Acid Test

I woke up yesterday morning at around 7am to have a bowl of cereal and some orange juice. The best thing in the house was Reduced Sugar Frosted Flakes. Ick (my girl's on a health kick and has made a habit of buying the stuff). Since I'm lactose, I eat cereal without any milk; the orange juice comes in handy for quenching my thirst.

I had a different experience yesterday, however.

After downing a few ounces, I felt as if my throat was closing up; I could breathe, but wasn't able to drink any water to wash away the acidity of the OJ. I got up and the dog started barking at something outside. I wanted to open the back door so she could run outside, but didn't have the strength. I poked myself in the chest to relieve the tightness, but it didn't do much.

It's hard to describe how uncomfortable it was. I laid down hoping for some relief. I didn't get it at first. A few seconds later, however, I threw up a bit of orange juice onto the floor. Felt good, but it took another 20 minutes before I really began to feel better. I kept trying to burp to get it out of my system. It goes without saying that I won't be having OJ anytime soon, at least not the kind with acid in it.

My wife has GERD and takes meds for it, but I plan to just avoid foods that cause such reactions. If, however, the food at Friday's was a culprit, I'd probably look into getting prescribed something. Speaking of which, I ate there last night and played a few songs on the jukebox including Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T." I heard a lady at the table next to me say something about MJ while it played. I'll always be a fan. An interesting and blunt article about him can be found here.


Anonymous said...

That's a bit worrying. I definitely would bring it up at your next doctor's appointment, especially if it happens again.

Rocketstar said...

You threw up on the carpet?

Thomas said...

I will certainly do so, Sil.

Rocket, yes indeed, but we've had dogs piss on the carpet before, so a little bit of upchucked OJ is pretty tame in my book.