Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Nurture the Stomach or the Soul: Your Choice

The time has come yet again to save a few bucks at Friday's by purchasing one entree' and getting the other free. I just received an email with this coupon and it is good for three weeks (from June 8th to the 30th); as always, it can be used multiple times . You know what to do if you're interested.

I was there yesterday evening and had to chuckle at something a patron said. The waiter asked if he enjoyed his Triple Stacker. He said he did before asking, "What's this white stuff?" I instantly cringed. He was referring to a substance that was put in a small black container next to his burger. The waiter, relatively new, said he wasn't sure.

Halfway through my meal, I took a short break. I swear, people really have a shit-fit when one stops eating even for just a few seconds. My wife said, "Why aren't you eating?" and the waiter's like, "Is everything OK?"

I was at the Outback last weekend and noticed that the bill gave you the exact amount you needed to pay if you wanted to give a 15% tip (approx. $3.60); same thing for 18 or 20%.

If the thought of going to Friday's doesn't turn your crank, check out this list of 10 Ways to Nurture Your Soul.


Rocketstar said...

As always count me in.

Outback... seriously, i don't know if i like that. I usually tip 20% minus any infractiosn that occur that are the wiaters fault.

Timothy Smith said...

I hate it when they just add the tip in, even for a large table. If they add it in I NEVER add more to it.

Normally I tip rather hard as I worked for tips before and feel their pain. I tip pizza delivery guys the most because I did that job for years and 5 bucks can really make their day.