Sunday, June 21, 2009


After going to my 20-year high school reunion last night, my June triumvirate of special events (which also included hearing my favorite author speak and going to my mother's wedding) is now complete. The reunion bit wound up being my favorite. There's just something about talking to people who you have such a history with, who were once such an important part of your life, tied together by similar geographies and being born at very similar times (one of the ladies I talked to yesterday was born on the exact same day as I).

I felt a great feeling of harmony and oneness there. For a number of moments, I was taken back to my junior high days when I was 14 and girls were a wondrous mystery. Now pushing 40, that was a long time ago, but it felt a great deal closer last night than it has for some time.


Timothy Smith said...

I wish I could have gone but I really don't recall many people from HS. It would have been nice to see you for the first time since 9th grade.

Many of the names I hear I remember but not the people. I remember B. Hurd though.

When they gave out an award for the most unique person in school I only vaguely remember the name and have no memories of the person.

Thomas said...

Yes, it woulda been great to see you last night, but I certainly understand why you couldn't make it up.

I was in some type of agricultural class with the guy who wound up winning the most unique award (remember the Senior High had that ag annex that was not connected with the main campus). Otherwise, I wouldn't have known who he was, either.

Sorry about the resolution of the vid, but in order to record over 7 minutes, I needed to have it on the lowest pixellated setting.

There was talk of a 25th reunion last night; I remember at the 15th when a 20th was mentioned, I thought of how it would probably come up pretty fast and it did. Blink of an eye, really.

Timothy Smith said...

I was in your AG class, 9th grade 1st period. I was in the soils competition too, I don't recall if you were in that group or not. We drove out to the country and walked around for miles feeling soils and filling out surveys.

25th might be cool, we should be done having kids by then. After this one we plan to wait a year and have one more.

Brian Mongold said...

Very cool man, glad you enjoyed it. I haven't been to any of my reunions. The next one is the 15th. Would be really cool to reconnect with some people. Guess facebook kinda does that, but not really.

Thomas said...

Tim, I was not in the soils competition, but I bet (hope?) that it was interesting.

Brian, Facebook is nice, but nothin' beats actually seeing your classmates in person.