Friday, June 12, 2009

Wedding Bell Blues

Being seated in the second row enabled me to pay extra close attention to what the Baptist pastor was saying at my mother's wedding last Saturday.

The most eye-roll-worthy moment was when he spoke of women submitting to their husbands per the Good Book (Ephesians 5:21).

I can remember a decade ago going to one of my wife's friends' weddings in which this was talked about. I asked the bride about this later and she said there was no way that she was gonna be submissive to her man. Time has proven this to be the case. I was thinking, "Damn, you shoulda told the minister to exclude that part if you had no plans to follow through on it".

Back to last weekend; the pastor said that this passage in the Bible gets a lot of guff, no question about that. He then took the opportunity to explain how being submissive isn't such a bad thing. That's awfully easy to say if you're a man. Later in the ceremony, the groom said that he would put his wife's needs above his own which made things even more confusing.

Two hours later, I asked my half-sisters (the twins) if they planned to submit to their husbands once married. They both looked at me in a way that said, "Yeah, right". Living in Madison, they've grown quite progressive (a good thing in my mind). I then asked one of the twins' boyfriends what his thoughts were on a wife submitting to him. He looked off into the distance and said, "Cool".


Rocketstar said...

All of the world's major religions keep women down and treat them as second class citizens as men are the ones that have created the religions of the world.

Timothy Smith said...

Religion is about control and nothing else.