Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Laugh It Up, Fuzzball

There are some days in which I don't laugh at all, so it felt great to get two big ones yesterday afternoon. The first was from a book I'm reading called "The Guinea Pig Diaries". In one of its chapters, a journalist is helping his attractive nanny find a worthy mate online. They get a number of "interesting" replies to her ad, most notably one that opens with this:

"When I was a child, I witnessed a clown jump to his death from a seven-story building. It was the only time a clown has made me laugh."

Shortly thereafter, I read an article about an outburst Tiger Woods had on the golf course last weekend. The piece didn't say exactly what he said, so I headed over to YouTube and this is what I found:

I found it a bit ironic that he said "Goddammit!" as Buddhists (he is a practicing Buddhist) don't necessarily believe in God; they have no creation myth. He might as well have said "Jesse-James-Dammit!" Lord knows he wouldn't be the first.

BTW, the title of this post is a reference to a comment Han Solo made to Chewbacca in "The Empire Strikes Back".


Extra Ordinary Me said...

haha... yes, I can hear Han Solo saying that! Glad you got some good laughs yesterday. No matter how *off* my day might be I always manage to find something to laugh at.

Dave said...

I don't *think* I believe in God but she sometimes comes in handy when I need someone to curse.

SilverNeurotic said...

I was trying to place the clown joke yesterday, I knew I had heard it somewhere I just couldn't remember where.

Narkissos said...

hahaha.....or he cud have sed buddhammit!
now for this dude jacobs...omg....he is insanely hilarious! can’t believe he actually experimented with his own life eh.....luv the simple yet so ya a whole new look at life.....hats off to his in an insane asylum eh, well in a good way.....he actually hired someone to argue with her....hahaha....did ya read the one on biblical life style? a man in this century literally following the bible as far as possible.....seriously laughed out loud reading these 2....woz pretty down at that time.....jacobs woz incredibly entertaining.....
gotta read that again....
always smile or laugh if you can buddy...i know a man who smiles all the time despite his misery....makes others happy...:)
thanx again tomsy....your blog ROCKs!

Rocketstar said...

Nice, I liked the "Tiger Woods You Suck" bit because it almost feels planned.

Thomas said...

Extra, I'm sure having kids around helps greatly in finding laughs.

Dave, thanks for using the female pronoun. Always refreshing to see.

Silver, happy to clarify the origin.

Fay, I also love A.J.'s work. I read "The Year of Living Biblically" last week and am now halfway throught "Guinea Pig Diaries".

My favorite experiment of his so far is when he outsourced his life. I also loved it when he chastised his mother for teaching him as a young child to brush his hair until it tingles.

He has one other book that I look forward to getting called "The Know-It-All". He reads the entire encyclopedia in that one.

Thanks for the compliment on my web journal. It means a lot!

Rocket, there was, indeed, some self-loathing in there. I'm sure his wife has thought what he said a number of times over the past six months.