Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Sun King

As the weather continues to warm in Minnesota, a greater percentage of people sporting tans can be found, but are they authentic?

Anyone who does a spray tan is faking it. Those who go to a tanning salon are imposters. Even people who lay out in the sun are poseurs of a kind; they're trying too hard. No, I subscribe to the view that a tan should be obtained by doing things like walking outside, playing with the dog, and mowing the lawn. In this way, I'm not trying to get a tan, it's simply a happy side effect of going out for fresh air (see Deepak Chopra's Law of Least Effort). I'm a tad concerned about getting skin cancer, but can't help but love the way a tan brings out my eyes and de-emphasizes my sizable proboscis.


Extra Ordinary Me said...

Everyone looks better with a tan. But it really isn't healthy for everyone. I've used sunless tanning lotion in the past and liked the results. I've also spent time in the sun by my pool and liked those results even better. I don't really want skin cancer though. What are you gonna do? :-)

Rocketstar said...

Here, here although lately I have been getting sun by doing landscaping type activities ;o(

Narkissos said...

lucky me....i have olive skin tone....born wid da tan...:)