Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 Movies & A Dick

The Mrs. and I made it to "Adventureland" on opening day. We were pleasantly surprised to be the only ones in attendance at the afternoon show. It's a great feeling, as if you have your very own screening room in which you need not be concerned about talky patrons or anyone kicking your seat. Like "I Love You, Man", the film wasn't quite as funny as I'd hoped, but more than made up for it with a lot of heart. It had all the period details of the 80's (including the first time I've heard the word "nimrod" used in at least a decade).

This past Saturday, I went with a friend to a midnight showing of "Fast & Furious" (The Fast & The Furious Part 4).

If you liked any of the first three, you're sure to enjoy this one. In 2001, I went with my best bud to the first installment. He said he wanted to sit in the very front row so as to feel that he was part of the action. I wasn't so ambitious, so sat in the very back. As showtime approached, I began to think I might not like the movie; I wasn't a big fan of cars and this looked to be car porn.

I went out into the lobby and saw that Reese Witherspoon's "Legally Blonde" was about to start in the theatre's biggest screening room. Unsurprisingly, the audience was heavily female. Though there were no belly laughs, I chuckled a few times. Once "Blonde" ended, I went back to where "Furious" was playing (I hadn't told my friend that I'd gone to another movie). Two minutes after I sat down, the credits rolled and my friend came up to me, pumped about what he'd just seen. At first, I just agreed that it was a good movie.

Once in the car, I told him what I'd done. He didn't seem to mind much. I did eventually catch the original on video and felt it to be a solid B movie. Vin Diesel was very charismatic (I was first introduced to him in the summer of 1998 when I saw "Saving Private Ryan"). Other than a cameo in Part 3, Diesel hadn't been a regular in the series since Part 1, so it was good to see his return in 4. Try to catch it on the big screen if you can. The action sequences are really good and I love how the ending tied in with the scene that started the film.

This weekend, I plan to see Seth Rogen's "Observe & Report". My wife caught it yesterday with a friend and said I'd like it. A few hours later, she mentioned that the film showed a male penis. Dammit, I said, I'd rather be surprised at such an occurrence rather than knowing such info ahead of time. A minor spoiler, I suppose, unless the guy's really hung. One thing I like to do when seeing cock onscreen is to whistle. Any guy can whistle when they see a woman exposing her goodies at the movie show, but it takes a very secure one to do so at the sight of another man's parts.


Rocketstar said...

How you can go to a midnight movie and not fall asleep?

Thomas said...

Good question. I'd slept until about noon or so on that day (Saturday), so staying awake until 2am wasn't a problem.