Friday, April 17, 2009

Billfold Theft

One morning, two weeks ago, I set my wallet and Friday's card on the kitchen counter (I usually do this when I know I'm going somewhere later in the day). After spending some time on the computer, I went into the kitchen and saw my Friday's card on the floor; the cat must've accidentally pushed it off the counter when she jumped up. I didn't think much of it.

A half hour later, I went into the kitchen to get my wallet. It wasn't on the counter nor was it in the drawer I always keep it in. I did some more checking until a thought crossed my mind; I had left the door to the backyard ajar so that the dog could come and go as she pleased. Perhaps the wallet had also fallen and Zoe had taken it outside (I remember once finding one of my vintage Star Wars action figures back there). I hastily got dressed. I had about 24 bucks in the wallet along with my drivers license and a few business cards.

As I headed out back, Zoe accompanied me and ran about 30 feet to where my billfold was located. She put it in her mouth and wanted me to chase her. I did and noticed that there were no green bills inside. Sheeeet. In the corner of the yard blowing against the fence, I noticed a few of them; it was a very windy day, a few more minutes and they probably would've been on another property. I gathered $23 as well as a couple of the business cards. I then grabbed the wallet from Zoe and looked to see if my Drivers license was still in it. It was, though, it had moved a tad. I went off-property and found a dollar bill that had made it through the fence.

I consider myself lucky that I figured things out when I did. The drivers license would've been a real pain to replace. I wish I coulda been out there 10, 15 minutes before. When she gets something she likes, she shakes the shit out of it. Can you imagine? Her doing that and all the money coming out? She had no idea that the wallet's contents were of value. To her, they're just playthings.

Here's a pic I took of her (and the billfold) a half hour later:


Rocketstar said...

Losing your wallet has to be one of the biggest pain in the asses of all time.

Small Footprints said...

That is the cutest "thief" I've ever seen!

Great story!

Small Footprints

Timothy Smith said...

Next time I find a dollar bill I will ponder the story behind its temporary freedom.

Maybe MN is like AZ with drivers licenses. I remember that being a pain when I was younger but the last time I needed to change my address I went online and paid a few bucks and 2 days later had a new one in the mail.

Losing your wallet is the worst. I found mine open face with cash exposed next to my truck in the driveway one morning. I was stunned no one picked it up. I learned to put it back in my pocket no matter what after going through a drive-thru.