Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Relationship Status

Yesterday afternoon, I went on Facebook to see what the word was.

With nothing of note happening on the home page, I clicked on the All Friends link which brought up my three dozen "friends". I had intended to go to Tim Smith's page to see what's been up with him lately, but stopped in my tracks when I saw that the man who my younger sister has been dating for the past 3+ years had changed his relationship status the day before. I clicked on his page to see what was going on. His relationship status had previously said "In a relationship with (her name)". Now it simply said "Single".

I'd visited my mother the night before and she hadn't mentioned anything of the like occurring. These two planned to be married one day. What was going on (and how is it that this is the second consecutive day that I'm posting about the demise of an LTR)? I went to my sister's site and instead of saying what her relationship status was, that info had been completely removed.

I quickly headed to the phone and told this info to my mother. She said she'd call my sister's sister (they're twins) and see if anything was up. Turns out there is and I'm impressed how without Facebook, this might not have come to light for weeks, probably months. My sister's former beau should've just removed the relationship status box; instead, he changed it, which sent an alert for all to see (he's since removed the box).


Timothy Smith said...

Whoever made that video has some talent.

Thanks for the laugh, I have to send that link to a few friends.

dmh said...

Even if you remove the relationship box it still tells you so and so is no longer in a relationship. I freaked out thinking my cousin was getting divorced one day...

Mags said...

I never even filled that box out. Mainly because I'm not sure what my relationship status is, but also-who wants to advertise a breakup??

Thomas said...

Tim, I figured you'd get a kick outta that one.

DMH, thanks for the clarification. I'm pretty new to Facebook.

Mags, I hear that.

Sarah said...

ugh, facebook. shoddy substitute for real life communication. i think this whole post is a sad commentary.

Timothy Smith said...

Sarah, people say the same thing about phones. The ability to not answer a call and have people leave a message you can chose to return at your own convenience. Some use to say phones were destroying social bonds but later discovered they strengthen them. Before phones some family members never got to hear their loved ones voice from afar. Facebook is simply taking that to the next level.

Facebook has allowed me to keep in contact with my friends scattered all over the world and lets me update my family about how the kids are doing even when I am too busy to make phone calls.

Facebook like blogging is just a tool. Its what you decide to do with it. If its your only social outlet that may be bad but for many its a supplement to real social communication.

Thanks to Facebook I have reconnected with some long lost friends and plan to visit them this summer. If not for the social sites like Classmates, this blog and Facebook I would have never spoken to Tom again in my lifetime. I would never have known how well he writes and how interesting he is. Likewise Tom would be denied an outlet to express himself.

I for one love seeing what all my friends are up to as I simply do not have the resources to travel the world every week to see it in person.