Friday, May 29, 2009

How Does One Title a Post That Deals With Disparate Subjects?

My beloved returns from sunny Las Vegas later today.

I was asked by a 10-year old last night if I'm looking forward to it. I said, "Kinda". She said, "What do you mean?" I replied, "Well, I wouldn't mind a couple more days on my own". She responded (not untypically for a girl her age): "I'm telling her you said that".

This weekend, I plan to go to a couple ridiculously high-rated new movies: "Drag Me To Hell" (more than 100 reviews; only 6 negative) and "Up" (118 pos, 2 neg). Should be a good time; "Hell" is said to be a very scary one without overdoing it on the gore while Pixar's release from last summer, "Wall-e", wound up being my favorite movie of the year.

I dyed my hair the day before last. If anyone gives me a hard time, I'm just gonna say that it brings out my eyes.

My mother's wedding is rapidly approaching. I've agreed to walk her down the aisle; this doesn't bother me as much as it might some as it's my belief that I've had prior lives with her in which I was quite possibly her predecessor (or at least an uncle or somethin' like that).

I'm also going to videotape the joyous festivities. My mom told me not to perform any fancy camera moves or split-screens. Can you imagine videotaping a wedding in the style of Michael Bay with a cut every 1.5 seconds? That's the main reason I hated "Armageddon".


Rocketstar said...

I highly dislike movies that EDIT the shit out of it. Most of the time the action sequences are SOOO edited you have no clue what is even going on, it is riduculous.

disestablishingpuritanism said...

Wow! She's just now returning? That's probably to a tee the exchange I'd have with one of my little cousins.

Since Robin is gone, I'm going to wait for the DVD releases. "Hell" is a mystery to me, albeit the high reviews. There has to be some watering down to give it a PG-13 rating. This harkens on my belief we're too overprotective these days. If kids want to see a hardcore movie, they'll find a way to do it anyway. I've loved everything Pixar has done thus far.

No Darren Arnofsky tricks on the wedding? I was terrible in a film class I took, but I would love to throw a terrible cut in there just to get some eternal laughs. I hope your mom continues to receive all the love and support from her significant other. Marriage is a continuous celebration of a partnership and is why I'm holding out on it. Family and friends urge me to date other women, and I might get out there on the dating scene again.

Thomas said...

Totally agreed, Rocket. The newest Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, was the last film I saw that suffered from this. The car chase became a "WTF just happened?" Big thumbs-down on that puppy.

Hey, PJ. Yep, she was gone for 11 days and got to see both Air Supply and Whoopi while there.

I can understand your reluctance at seeing the film on your own, but I did so and had a whale of a time.

Check out this review from a guy who recently wrote about preferring to watch movies at home:

He also comments on the film's PG-13 rating saying:

"There’s been a lot of chatter on message boards about how Raimi has somehow “sold out” because the film is rated PG-13. Trust me when I say that this has no effect whatsoever on the quality of the film; I fail to see how the film could be appreciably better with the addition of buckets of blood or profanity. No amount of F-bombs or gore would make the film any better or worse."

In the end, I give "Drag" an A and "Up" an A- (it wasn't quite as transcendent, to me at least, as "Wall-E").

I probably will do a couple amusing tricks with the camera this weekend, you know, give it my own personal touch; I wonder if there's any way I could shoot from the ceiling to give it a God-watching vibe.

Thanks for the well-wishes to her and hope you're able to find such love in the very near future. The best way to do so is to get out there.